14 October 2013

연차대회 (General Conference)

This week was all cleaning and conference!

Its been hard to get teaching appointments because all the schools have like midterm tests kinda so everyone is busy.

For conference, they just show it at the stake center and everyone comes to watch.....  Sanbon is the stake center, so we went sat and watched both sessions plus RS.....all the missionaries watch in a separate room downstairs.  They’re getting to the point now where they’re having to put 4 elders and 2 sisters in pretty much every ward. its crazy!!

Me and sister lee spent a ton of time cleaning because they redid the wallpaper in our apt. The worst part is, transfers are in 4 weeks and they’ll probly be moving elders back into our apt because its a 4-man house.  So finally after 6months of living here, i get it all clean and nice and then there’s a good chance we’ll be leaving. i’ll either be transferring areas or they’ll give our house to someone else....

k well, nothing else exciting. i got to go to my FIRST baptism sunday after conference. (this certainly isn’t mexico!!!)  one of the areas in our zone had a baptism just after conference was over in our stake center so we all stayed and watched.


1. Since you all spent so much time telling me about all the good pie you ate at conference, i thought i’d show you what i’m up against here......this is a package of 5 peaches......they are $10......yep.  and korean peaches aren’t even very good either.

2. The good thing about spending 7months in Sanbon:: i get to be here for fall...and its beautiful!!!! most the areas up in seoul are too much city..there’s no trees or anything, but sanbon was beautiful with flowers in spring when i got here, and now its beautiful with all the leaves!!

3. This was conference. saturday we watched all crowed around a tiny tv....on sunday, the stake set us up a projector!!!   this is all anyang zone.

4. Spent tons of time this week cleaning.  they had the wallpaper redone in our apartment, so it was left up to us to move all the furniture away from the walls....then they wallpaperers destroyed the floor and so we had to come back in and clean and scrub and rearrange again..it took quite a bit of time but our apartment is soo much cleaner now. i swear, it hasn’t been cleaned once in the last 6 years, but we finally got ‘er done.


hey so i just wanted to say before i forget....we have a DVD with a bunch of mormon messages on it,...one of them is the story about grandpa and honesty....we’ve used it several times in the last few weeks and i think its pretty cool that we have such a legacy. I’m always really proud when we watch it, but of i don’t tell anyone its grandpa....so i had to tell you all.

Also....there was  a talk in General Conference a few years back by a korean. he talks about a group of rowdy boys that all got baptized and grew up to be church leaders....well thats my stake....they’re all the bishops and counselors and things and have great families...anyways, its a fun little talk you could watch for FHE  or something.  http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2009/10/i-love-loud-boys?lang=eng&query=i+love+loud+boys

DAD— thats excited with rose’s family..its so good that you’ve been able to do so much missionary work with them, its a great example for the ward.

TRAV—you said you wish you had journaled better during you mission because there are lots o things you’ve forgotten..i know i’ll forget too..... so now looking back, what are some things you wish you would have written down that you didn’t?  what things are importatnt that you want to know now. I’m a faithful journaler, but i just never know what is BEST to write...
how is you dearjeff doing on sales...
how is the boise singles ward. you been on any good dates yet??

CHY—thanks a ton for the pictures!! they look really good. i especially love your coral heels. you were probably right as tall as logan with those on right?  bonnie sent me some pics of rexburg...looks like you’re all having quite the time up there with cousins and all!  thats so fun!

 because of all this gpa washburn stuff, i’ve really been wondering about his mission...does he have any of his stories recorded anywhere?

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