17 August 2014

가로수길 (Boulevard)

Well hi everyone. I’m  super duper excited to see you all soon, but i’m still having some really good adventures here!!  we had temple day this week so i felt like everything went by really fast!

This week we got to out the members’ house again that is up in the mountains. Their granddaughter Hannah is staying with them for the summer—she’s 8 and so she’ll get baptized here in korea before she goes home—so we went out there at the request of the branch president to talk about baptism with her and just go through a little lesson with her. It was another perfect evening traveling out and up to their house and just having really, really good korean food and a great view and great company.

We also got to start teaching a new little 14yr old. Her aunt has been a less active member her whole life, but she started coming back to church and wants us to teach her niece Hyo Jiin. She is kinda young and doesn’t know anything about religion or anything. but her aunt really wants us to teach her, so we’re meeting her trying to slowly build a foundation for her. That’s a problem missionaries have in korean society....if an adult tells a kid to do something....whether or not they want do, they just do it and don’t ask questions and don’t really care....so we’re pretty sure she’s just meeting us because her aunt is pushing her to and the branch presidnet too, but if nothing else, we can be a good influence in her life.

On tuesday, some ladies from our english class took us to lunch for my birthday. It was really nice of them and one of them baked a little cake for me!  it’s super weird to find a korean that actually has an oven and can bake! she has also made us pizza before that was super good!

So then thursday we traveled up to seoul for our temple session. we go in the morning and the session is done by 12ish then we have the rest of the day as our pday.  Since we were already in seoul and we never get to hang out in seoul anymore...of course i took sister mineer back to gangnam!  haha  There’s a famous street called “가로수 길” (garosu gil). the name doesn’t really translate well, but it kinda means like a pretty tree lined street..... anyways. it’s like the super hip, fun fashionable area to hang out in gangnam—it’s just a long street that is really pretty and has stores and small designer shops and cafes all up and down both sides. everyone that goes there looks super good and everything is expensive and trendy and it's just super fun. it's a really good taste of what seoul young-single fashion and culture is like. So we ate lunch at a place me and sister chesnut always ate at....then just shopped a bit...looking at everything. just walking into some of those shops is so fun... then we found a cafe on the second story of one of the buildings and they had a little balcony that looks out over the street. it was kinda rainy and cool that day and just perfect, so we sat out there and ate expensive ice cream and it was just so so perfect.

Anyways.....(i love seoul too much) we came back to Icheon and got to finally have a sit down-lesson with the  trying-to-go-less-active-member we’ve been contacting and hunting down and everything the last few weeks. she has just been really busy, but i think we were ornery enough with her, she finally made time to meet us. ahaha  

i gave my little farewell words in church. it was pretty bad. i didn’t think i was doing it that day so i didn’t prepare anything and that day korean just did not happen....but it was short and no one remembers anyways so.... non faniente!  haha  (thats italian...for ‘doesn’t matter’ )

well, i’m really excited to see everyone. i tell ppl i’m leaving korea soon and they instantly say ‘oh you must be so excited!!’ well....no not exactly. i am excited be with my family again after a long time, but leaving the land where you’ve changed and labored and loved so much is not an easy thing. not at all....

i think i’ll email one more time next week and then i’ll see ya’ll at the airport in a bit~~

Sister Washburn


1. this is hannah...the one on the far left.

2. my bday lunch with “Daisy” —she’s always so nice to us—she’s the one that made cake.   (dis cake has a hole in it??!!)

3. at a lunch appointment we had with some members.  mom said i stopped sending pics of food....we actually get fed really well in icheon when we do get fed. this member in particular pretty much raised everything she fed us right in her front garden.... it was so good.... this is right before sister mineer did the splits for everyone in that dress.  its was great.

1. on the balcony overlooking the street

2. our ice-cream. it was $8.

3. this is the tank that hannah got baptized in. they ordered it for our building so that the branch wouldn’t have to travel all the way to the stake center for every baptism. ahahah its pretty much just a portable swimming pool.

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