13 May 2013

Pictures from Korea!

1. Sister Liz Hilton....MTC pal, a gem and future roomate at BYU. The night before we left the MTC.

2. Sister Katie Stradling. Also a precious gem. She is from Snowflake AZ! (the one Aunt Dixie knows)

3. This is in the mission home our 1st morning in Korea....my very FIRST EVER bite of KIMCHI!!!

4. This is A palace right in the middle of Seoul....can't remember the name but it sounds something like 'Byeongeyeouencgeaoedaoangeany'  haha

5. More of the palace and you can see some of modern seoul in the background!

1. this is me sitting in the restaurant eating the meal i was eating when i called on mother's day. Thats fish and i'm not sure what anything else is i just eat and don't ask questions! hahah

2. These flowers are all over sanbon our area.....they come in red or purple or white and are so pretty!

3. JEFF and BROOKIE- this is for you. This is pizza from 'Pizza School'  Definately not american pizza, but pretty good and you can get $5 pepperoni pizza. Little Caesars LIVES!!!

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  1. HAHAHA!!! 5 dollar pizzas bring back so many good memories from last summer!!