03 August 2014


Hi everyone!

So we had a really good week. It’s weird that its only been a few days since Sister Gooch left me. You get so used to being with one comp and then you switch and everything changes and is weird again....you have to learn all their new habits, routine, talents, capabilites....  But it’s been super good. Me and Sister Mineer are just starting to settle in with each other. She is the first companion i’ve ever had that is taller than me!!!!  she maybe has like 2 inches max on me but its really weird. i’m so used to being taller than everyone else. It’s actually quite a nice feeling. We also get lots of attention. I’ve always gotten tons of attention on my mission, but having sister gooch offset that a little since she’s small and dark like koreans...but now there’s no missing us! I think the effect would be bigger if we were in a bigger town, because pretty much the whole town here already knows the mormon missionaries, but everyday we have grandmas tell us how tall and pretty we are and people always staring and saying hi to us. She’s a dancer, but likes sports a ton. we’re all going to some batting cages today to play a little baseball. i’m super excited!

So Sister Mineer got here and we just heading straight out again on visits and such. we kept really busy even though we didn’t teach one single investigator lesson togrther...... We went and did our rescue mission one night. The girl wasn’t home, but we put a bunch of stuff on her door with a message card and that at least got her to text me back. so were thought we’d be able to meet her again, but then she just said that she had broken her foot and couldn’t really get around and kept making excuses for why she doesn’t want to meet us right now. I’m not really sure what she’s thinking. she was so solid like a month ago and now she’s telling us she doesn’t even want to try and meet until she’s fully recovered—in like 3wks. so we’re not sure what’s going on there... we taught a bunch of LA lessons and did some practice member lessons....all of them required us to take some sort of crazy bus ride out into the middle of nowhere so i feel like we were just adventuring around on buses all week. If you can get someone to sit by you long enough to talk to them it can be one of the best way to talk with people and teach street lessons.

So mom asked about my korean.  I guess i could update on that.  So two weeks ago, the branch president came up to me like 2 mintes before sacrament started and asked if i would speak in sacrament that day.  yeah.....like 10minutes notice. it wouldn’t be that big a deal if it were spanish or english, but korean is korean, and its always hard no matter how long i’ve been here. so my first thought was to cop out and just bear a short, methodical testimony that we give all the time. or read a scripture that would take time and do something lame with that. but as the sacrament was going around and i had a less active member sitting there on my left, the thought came to teach about the sacrament, the symbols and why its important to take it each week.  so all off the cuff, i went up and taught about the bread and water and the importance of reverence and the opportunity that time is to think about the savior. i read the sacrament prayer again and said that we don’t think about those words close enough when they’re being repeated each week....so i wanted to read them again. i pointed out the covenants that are in there and that those should be the reason we all came to church that day—to renew those covenants and remind us what we promised God to do.   It definitely didn’t come out that smoothly or clearly in korean, but it was in korean and it was better than either of the two elders that spoke right after me (also off the cuff) . so i felt pretty good about it.    Also.....maybe a bigger accomplishment.....  last night were at dinner with a super fun couple. there were 4 eldrs and us two sisters and this couple...and the husband is just making small talk and putting some humor in here and there and i saw a perfect opportunity and made this great joke in korean and everyone was dying laughing....it was great----it was in true washburn fashion too...just kinda quick and subtle but with perfect timing and execution. haha dad would have been proud.    so thats my korean for you.   i know whats going on pretty much all the time unless its a super deep or weird topic (or if they’re old....no one can understand old people).....speaking is still kinda weird sometimes, but i can definitely get the job done these days.

Our branch moved this week to a new building. We were meeting on the 5th floor in this nasty little rented space that was too small and so dirty. But we finally moved and its super nice and clean and the atmosphere actually feels like a church!  it was so good to feel that change in spirit in the new building. ----also Choi So Weon finally came back to church!!!!  but she’s also being a little weird and doesn’t want to meet us until august.....i think everyone is just tired of me buggin them....

Anyways....things are fine here. We’re excited to hopefully start meeting some of these potentials that we have. Its not fun having no one to teach, but we were still able to really help a lot of people this week. Some of the little member practice lessons we do got some a few of the women to really open up and we heard some great stories and testimonies from them. Sometimes we do all we can and we still don’t have all the investigators we think we deserve or the baptisms we thinkwe earned, but we still successful just doing the work that is given us to do.   Time is short!  i love korea!

Sister Washburn

her dad played professional baseball for the colorado rockies.

1.me and sister gooch bought fannypacks and matching shirts. we didn’t get to wear them before we transferred, so we just wore them TO transfers! haha it was great.

2. me and two great elders that are leaving. i served with them both early on and its crazy that they’re leaving now!

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