20 July 2014

I Tried Listening Better

Hi everyone!----i’m just warning you, i won’t be able to follow last week’s letter at all.   It’s summer and everyone is busy. We’ve slowly been losing investigators the last few weeks and last night we sat down to plan and it just hit us that we don’t have ANY investigators right now.

Mom wanted me to tell about everyone we’re teaching and how its going but as of last night (when our last hope canceled) we don’t have anyone to teach.  I feel like i’ve sent a lot of family emails like this that didn’t have tons of details or miracles or ppl that we’re teaching, but thats just the way it is in Korea. Sometimes you’re blessed with 7-8 people to take of and then they slowly go away. We’re at zero right now, but there’s still a few potentials that we’re hoping to meet soon.     I know i should use this time to really sit back and listen to what the spirit directs us to do to find people. there was one day recently when i was just at my wit’s end about what to do and so i tried listening better. well this whole situation happened that i’m still trying to process and i went home and wrote a whole monologue about it—i’ll have to bring it next time and type it up for you. its a pretty good depiction of what finding and missionary work is like here in Korea.

We did get to meet ONE recent convert. We are always at her house for like 3hrs every tuesday night because she feels like she has to feed us, then makes a huge meal, then by the time we get around to the lesson its already 8pm. We’re trying to finish the after-baptism- lessons...(its pretty much up to the missionaries here because you can’t get any ward members to do it). but she is so tired of having us over that is always fun trying to convince her to let us come teach.

The other recent convert....the young one. We haven’t seen here in almost a month....she stopped coming to church because of work and now we’re having a hard time contacting her. I always wonder how sooooo many ppl here can be less active. how they can get lost so easily and i think we’re seeing it happen right before our eyes. But we’re not going to be the missionaries that let it come to that!  We’re going on a rescue mission tonight!! We’re just gonna catch the bus that goes to her house in the middle of nowhere and surprise her and try and find her.....

We’re still doing a lot of practice lessons with members. Sometimes it’s really hard because they all live in the most random remote places and there’s no way for us to get there unless they come pick us up or something. So a program that was supposed to be a quick 20min visit and a lesson sometimes turns into a 3hr evening out in the country with a lesson, a great meal, and an evening drive through the country. I’m not complaining, but i’m afraid the members will get tired of us quickly.

OH YEAH......  WE HAD TRANSFER CALLS....i didn’t even tell you they were coming because i thought me and sister gooch would be together until the end. SURPRISE.....sister gooch is leaving me and going to SANBON-----MY GREENIE AREA?!!!!   i’m super excited for her, Sanbon is such a good little area, i think she’ll have a great time there! and i’m getting Sister Mineer. she came to korea with sister gooch, so she’ll just be starting her 3rd transfer. another youngin’.....she’s also an inch taller than me and has super blonde hair, so \we will bring tons of attention.....

k well sorry there’s no news.....어쩔 수 앖다!  

See you next week.


1. this is the burping peeing grandma that owns a second hand store. she loves us no. we go over to grandma’s house all the time now to visit.

2. a cool little pagoda thing (not actually a pagoda, that’s Japanese..but i don’t know what to call it...)    its in the middle of a pretty pond in the middle of our town.

3. 2 ladies that we teach english to, but we’re done teaching them this week..... they took us to lunch.

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