30 August 2014

The Last Letter

Hi everyone.  This is it. The last one.

I guess it made it happier that it was also my birthday this week. We had district meeting and then headed to a LA house that we’ve been working with a lot.  She bought me “cheese ping-soo”-----which is like the cheesecake-version of that korean-dessert i’ve raved about my whole mission.   She is only 18....and she had two of her friends over when we got there...which was a first and we were really excited that she was comfortable enough to have her friends over with us.  She even got to have a tiny missionary experience by explaining to her friend that mormons don’t drink and such..... (even though she does.....haha **she’s less-active and we’re working on it! hahah)

afterwards we did some proselyting and saw a few small miracles with that.  then we grabbed some dinner and later that night had birthday icecream at baskinrobins.  it was fine, but the real party will be peaches when i get home. hahaa.

We spent some weird time getting the area books all fixed up and records taken care of in preparation for my departure...sister mineer has only had like 41/2 weeks to learn the area. and she’s a pretty young missionary too. only 3transfers in!  but she’s getting an older korean so everything will be fine! We got a meet a new investigator we’ve trying to get ahold of for awhile. she is a methodist, but has lots of questions about our church. she is meeting with us for “english”  but she doesn’t speak a word and i think she actually just really likes me so she lets us come over. we’re going to start to work on her and her husband...i’m actually really sad i don’t get to meet them more. she was really worried about me leaving and didn’t want to get left with just sister mineer! hahah  (she’s like—i can’t just have your companion here over, she can’t speak korean!)....but a korean is coming into the area, so i think everything will be fine.

Friday we finally got to meet our recent convert and she fed us tons of junk food....and let us do a lesson. WE’ve just been trying really hard to get everyone to meet us so that sister mineer will know who they are and have a relationship with them so they can continue when i’m gone.

I also finally ate DOG!!!   We were headed back from the church and there was a place that sells it and we were hungry....so we ate. They eat “bo-shin-tang”  here....it’s just like a soup with stuff in it and the meat is dog. It was really good, but i probably wouldn’t eat it again. I have too many good memories with dogs....hahah

Saturday we got to go to stake conference and then for the sunday session the branch rented a big party bus and we all rode over together... the stake center is like 1hr away...and lots of koreans don’t have cars or can’t drive.  It was super fun and stake conference was a great last-sunday in korea. to be with all those saints in that big ol’ building—it was great.

So then today I got my “last days” intinerary in my email...the exact schedule for my last few days in the mission home and everything. On Wednesday morning we drop our companions off, then grab another sister that is going home....then we have the whole day as a pday.....and Guess What???  I’M MEETING MEEHO!!!!!!! president told me not to call her/she’s just a friend so its against the rules to meet?/   but i just did it anyways......i don’t think its going to be too distracting or anything at this point! hahaha   i called her and talked to her in korean at first for a second and then told her who i was and she was like “WHHHATT???””     “WAIT>>>DO THAT AGAIN>>>>”  hahah but then we just spoke in english cuz i’m still shy. Then thursday we have a temple trip with everyone going home and then i have departing interview with president and then there’s dinner and testimony meeting and we leave friday for the airport.   its super weird to type all that. it’s not real until i’m sitting on the plane i guess..

there really isn’t a good way to describe what it feels like to be here.  A year and half sure felt long sometimes, but now at the end, it feels like it was never that far away and that i haven’t been away too long after all. i’m not going to try and tell you what its been like to serve here and have this time. that would be futile through email....someday if we ever get a chance to sit down and talk, maybe i can portray a little tiny bit of what it's like. But really all i’ve been able to think about lately is how lucky i am.  I used to think that i was sacrificing to be here. that i was the martyr giving up friday nights and family reunions and graduations and parties and whatnot....but at the end of it all, it was really no sacrifice at all because of what i’ve gotten in return.  i’m so lucky to be a missionary in korea. i’m so lucky to have met who i’ve met, to have seen what i’ve seen and learned what i’ve learned.

There’s a quote i heard i thinks its by John Newton....he said “I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be in another world; but still I am not what I once used to be, and by the grace of God I am what I am” -----there's still lots of improvement to be made and lots left to learn, but thanks to a gracious Father in Heaven, i’m not the person i once was.  I’m so glad He gave me the chance to change.

I’ll see ya all real soon!

Sister AimeeSioux Washburn


1.  birthday cheese ping-soo (wrong picture)

2. birthday dog.   sorry bruce....i dont’ think you were related.....

3. our party bus to stake conference

hahah just kidding...i attached the wrong picture.   thats one of our young women.......

here’s the real picture. hahah

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