17 August 2014

I'm a Grandma...

So this week just flew by—i think its the combination of just being busy and the fact that NOW everyone is telling my i’m old and i’m dying soon.  i really don’t feel like its affected my missionary work at all though...it just feels like it always does. i guess people use “trunkyness”  as an excuse to quit early, but we’re still staying super busy and i just want to keep doing what i can until the end.  I hate to even write it, but i’ll only email 2 more times after this then i’m home. thats super weird and really soon. anyways.....still a lot to do between now and then.

This week we had Zone Conference.  The location was an hour and a half by bus and so we left tuesday night and stayed with the sisters in the area since we had to be there at 8:30 the next morning. it was super fun kinda having a sleepover with them and getting to tell some good stories and have some good laughs. They made us french toast for breakfast^^  

Zone Conference was great—it was all day long, but we got to learn about alot of great things. I gave my last testimony at the end—they always have dying missionaries give some thoughts at their last zone meeting. I talked about what Dad mentioned in a letter last week about the “cost of conversion.” Dad was applying it to our investigators, how they have great experiences and feel the spirit and things like that, but that the cost of real conversion to the gospel is much higher than that. Well i think most us missionaries are the same way. We grow up in great families and have some spiritual experiences here and there at girls camp or EFY or scout camp and we do what we should our whole lives, but real conversion demands more than that. Well, this mission, trying and working every single day for the last 18 months was the cost of MY conversion. It's really disappointing and difficult sometimes, but its worth every hard day because of what we gain in return.

After the conference, i got to go to Seoul on exchanges with Sister Chestnut!   it was so good to be her comp for one last day before i leave and have a good time in seoul.  We called Jeong Ji Yeon—the catholic lady we taught together in Gangnam for so long. We both wanted to see her again and it wouldn’t be right with anyone else but just us and her. So the exchange was perfect and she picked us up and took us to lunch. She was so happy to see us, she really does know that we’re different, she’s just too stubborn to change. She took us to a Japanese place that has separate little rooms where you step up into it and the door slides closed....just like in the movies!  we ate tons of sushi and had a really good time together.

Friday night we had a really great activity with the youth. the ward planned it, but then invited us so we could get closer to all the youth— it was a great time.

We went back out after that recent-convert less-active we’ve been worrying about. it was super stormy and rainy all sunday so we just hopped a bus and took the long ride because there’s nothing else effective to do when the weather is like that. So we got to her house and put a bunch of chocopies on her door with a note and then she ended up being home and she came out and talked to us. things seemed a little fishy....she said her phone was broken and thats why she hasn’t been answering or anything, but its definitely not broken, (there are so many phonestores in korean your phone can’t stay broken for more than like one day haha)  so we’re not sure whats up. but we had a good talk and everything else seems fine. we’ll just have to keep keepin after her.  haha i think it really surprised her that we showed up on her doorstep hahah.

anyways.....things are going well.  i’m really happy with what we’re doing here, but it will be good to see everyone after so long. its been such a grand adventure.

Sister Washburn

1. Jeong Ji Yeon and me at lunch.----she FINAALLY LET US TAKE A PICTURE WITH HER!!!!

2. heart attack—with chocopies.

3. the youth activity.....

4. Me and sister mineer always have everyone ask if we are sisters......and we are the 2 tallest sisters in the mission....so we tried to match a little bit for our last zone conference together. ppl got a kick out of it.....they all had to do double takes and try and figure out who was who for a second.....haha

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