09 December 2013

Really great week!

Really great week!

We got to go to the temple on thursday. It was our ‘temple pday’ so afterwards our investigator  Jeong Ji Yeong  picked us up in her fancy Mercedes car and took us to COEX....apparently one of the biggest malls in the world!  She just pulls up in front of the hotel that is on the block and has the valet take her car...shes very comfortable being rich...So we hung out there a little and she wants to take us to a bunch of other fun places later.

We’re still working with her. She’s reading the Book of Mormon and thinks its really great. She just has the typical Korean problem with religion. She thinks that they’re all fine and good because God gives different knowledge and methods to different people.....which is true...but....  We just hope that she’ll be able to see through our examples that she’s missing something.  *** And it doesn’t help that she thinks the priesthood was passed on from peter to another disciple and on and on through the catholic church***   But shes really great and she’s so much happier now than when we first started visiting. Even if she never gets baptized, its enough for me to see changes like that people.

Also... the 2nd counselor in the bishopric took us to lunch at a super fancy restaurant. He bought us $35 steak. I really wished i liked steak better.....but i had to enjoy it for Jeff and Tanner’s sake.

We taught PyewPyew  and shes doing really well. The only problem is she goes back to Myanmar Dec 24 and will be gone about 2 months. So we want to move her along without missing important experiences that she needs for real conversion. She’s great though and she helps us a ton with our korean!

Nothing else to huge other than i HIT HALFWAY THIS WEEK. sister chestnut bought me a cake and had a little celebration. she was at one month and me at 9.....its crazy!!    I should know alot more korean than i do!  but at the same time...learned me first korean just 9months ago and now i can read and write and communicate....always upwards though!


1. We had combined mission conference a few weeks back... I got to see all my MTC pals that are serving in the North Mission!!!

2. Me and Sister Chestnut ordered a chestnut pizza....yep they have those here.  I ordered food over the phone in Korean and it worked!  It was a miracle........ “A whole cheese pizza just for me” (homealone)

3. This is me and Sister Chestnut on Thanksgiving. We both came out of the dressing room wearing our plaid shirts and neither wanted to change. So many people asked if these were our ‘missionary uniforms’ ......i wish.   hahah

4. Some of our area at night. this is on the outskirts of Gangnam proper.

5. halfway!


Dad—that's exciting bballl has started. I feel real bad i probly only got to see jeff play once or twice his whole highschool.... but i’m sure he’ll have a great senior season. I’ll be around for jax’ though for sure!

Shawn,David, Benny----i got the letters you wrote for FHE...thanks a lot, its the best to get drawings from benny boy! I keep meaning to write back..i’l do that today maybe...will you still be in the same house or should i send it home?

Chy and Log----sounds like you had a great little thanksgiving celebration in rexburg!  brookie really appreciated you guys having her and she just raved about chy’s pies....so congrats chy..i’m proud of you!  

Jeff—that would be great if you could go on splits with the elders, you just can’t hardly imagine whats its like until you actually DO it..... but i would maybe just suggest studying up on pmg chap 1 and 2 and be familiar with the lessons in chap 3.  i feel bad trying to give you any advice because i didn’t really prepare at all.... i think reading the bom is really important though. I wish i knew it better. We have the BOM emphasized a lot in our mission training mtgs and things...how its so important for investigators’ conversion so i would just be really solid on the BOM.. read it and know whats in it...why its important...what it does for you when YOU read it...then you’ll be better prepared to teach others that.    since you’re reading so fast this time..maybe do what elder bednar does and just pick 2 or 3 doctrinal things or questions and as you read the whole book, highlight things that have to to with that topic or that answer that question....i’ve done that on my mission and it makes the book more significant...reading with a purpose and then my markings have prupose too....I used to just pick a fun color that day and mark anything that sounded good, but now i mark things a specific way that have to do with certain things....anyways. bom is important.


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