02 December 2013


So....i feel bad. Still no pictures. We’re not emailing at the PC bang anymore; we’re using the comps at the church, but i still don’t have a way to plug in a my camera card. I’m working on it.

This week we started teaching a woman from Myanmar!  Her husband is a member and she knows a lot about the church, but she’s a pretty faithful buddhist. She’s trying to please her husband though and is just giving this a shot to learn the basics of our church....She is awesome though...her name is Pyew Pyew. (퓨퓨) She’s lived in Korea for 10yrs so we teach in korea...she wants to help us with our korean too though so that will be great!

We had THANKSGIVING. Sister Morisse is an angel and arranged with the english branch here in seoul for a family to host each set of missionaries for a thanksgiving dinner. So we went to a family where the wife is actually German and the husband is Korean. They met at BYU-Hawaii.. They made this giant feast of random, mixed Korean, American food and they invited 5 or 6 young single adults from the english branch and then us and the elders. It was a super random group of people, but it was really interesting. A couple from New Zealand and Samoa and Germany... all sitting around eating shepherd’s pie and stuffing and rice cake and bulgogi. But the highlight was the apple pie at the end. I’m scared to try pie in our toaster oven... so i didn’t make any pie for thanksgiving... so sister chestnut was really praying for a pie at the dinner. It was a fun evening... christmas music and good food and company.

Not much else exciting happened this week. But december will be really fun. It’s fun to walk through Gangnam and see all the decorations in the big department buildings and such. I’ve never been to New York, but i feel like Kevin McCallister. (Oh yeah...Koreans REALLY love Home Alone. You ask any of them what their favorite Christmas movie is and guaranteed it’s Home Alone. and you should hear them try to say McCaulay Culkin hahahaha.)

Well...sorry about the pictures. i’ll have some more sometime i promise.... for now i’ll attach some pictures from some other missionaries in the mission....they’re all i’ve got.


hope all was good and well with thanksgiving! did molm make any pies?? i didn’t but i think i will for christmas. sis C loves pie as much as me!  we’re trying to locate some pumpkin so we can make a punkin pie!!

If you all want to send me a christmas present....just send me pictures!!

PS—TRAV...we’re allowed to use dropbox... i just don’t know how??  so if can figure it out, you could dropbox me some christmas music... i don’t have any songs!!

oh and what is the latin for “ purified not consumed”??  can you type it on the comp?

stay warm!!  eat plenty of christmas sugar cookies for me—(you can't get powdered sugar here)


this is called kimjang.....its pretty much just a kimchee making party!!!    i wasn’t there...but this is from a sister in the mish

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