20 August 2013


Alright, so the big news this week is the transfer calls!!!   i’m TRAINING. don’t know how....but we’ll just get ‘er done somehow...Like trav would say, ... “it’s buckwild’.......

Sis J is moving to another area in our district so i’ll still see her every week. One wed morning, all the missionaries go to Sindorim station to switch companions...then all the new trainers travel to mission headquarters and have training and lunch and then at the end of it all, Pres announces who will be companions with who. It’s pretty exciting....everyone pray for me to get a korean comp so that at least one of us will know what’s going on :)

haha no, i think it will be fine. It’ll be a bit rough until i can speak the language better, but honestly, i wasn’t happy with my language abilities before and this will really force me to start progressing more... especially if i get an american comp! like i’ve learned a ton from listening to sis J speak korean and all, but it’s also been a huge crutch. she just does all the talking and i don’t hardly have to try. so this will really light a fire under me!

We also are getting 2 elders in sanbon, so that will be nice to have 2 more missionaries to help with the ward/work.

I feel like all we did this week was visit members cuz sis j was saying bye to everyone....

I think this week was kinda a turning point. i finally feel like i’m adjusted (mostly) to missionary work. i don’t just desire to get through the day anymore, i desire to help as many ppl as i can...to do as much good as i can. and i think thats why everything will be ok with training. cuz even though i can’t speak the language hardly at all, and i may get lost on the subway sometimes....i really want to be here now. i really want to help and serve. and its like trav says...i’m starting to not care about outcome anymore. that it doesn’t matter that i’m not baptizing like chy or matt or bonnie because i’m making the choice to do the best i can regardless of the results.

i read a talk awhile back by elder holland on the ‘ministry of angels’ and how Heavenly Father does literally send angels to bear us up....well i was wondering what exactly that meant and when i’d start seeing that miracle. Well, i realize now, that its not huge, heavenly manifestations....it’s in all of you angels, sending notes, emails,.....kind words,  a thought,  a line that addresses exactly what i needed to hear. Heavenly father does send angels to bear us up as He works through people like you to help and inspire and bless others. keep being that....reach out to those around you...you NEVER know how your words, a smile, a small service will affect the life of someone else.

thank you all for being great and for the birthday wishes!!!  this was a long one, hopefully it’s not too much to read!

TRAV- thanks so much for the letter, stuff like that is always welcome regardless of the length. thats a super great thought, especially with me and contacting. I’m always worried to talk to ppl becuase i just know they’ll say no or have no interest, but it really shouldn’t matter what the outcome is. what matters is if i’m the kind of missionary who will talk to and invite everyone. thats when the lord blesses us...regardless of what happens.

MOM- i know my korean friend struggled because literally all these kids do is get up go to school, study after school, go home, sleep, play comp games, eat and go to school some more. so she’s probably bored and wants to have her friends back. wants to have parents back who dote over her.....

CHY-  wow!! sounds like you and log are doing great...  sounds like you are all so busy in rexburg, having a grand ol’ time with your new life!  i am sorry i coudn’t be there, but it won’t matter so much in the end anyways...i’ll get to be around you all plently when i get home!!

JEFF—that is so good all that mission prep that you’ve been doing. you honestly are already soooo much more prepared than me!! i feel like i didn’t do any prep before hand and it would have been so helpful!  good for you...it’s important to come out into the field with that fire.  do you think you’ll go right after graduation or college first?   don’t worry about being a teenage punk...you all saw i was a punk right up till the morning i flew to the MTC!!  but the MTC cleans it right out of you...it’s a such a good place!!!

DAD- yeah, i finally got my copy of ‘the power of everyday missionaries’   its way good and hopefully we’ll be able to start introducing some of these ideas into the ward.

JILL—your pics are always so great!!  sounds like you had the most perfect beautiful summer and your email was poetic!  thanks for always keeping me updated with pictures!  we are soooo lucky to have you in our family, i can’t believe how blessed we’ve been with the addition of you and david and logan...

SHAWNEE— man, the kids are growing so fast!!  haha i’m glad that ben still even remembers who i am...looks like you have been having some pretty good summer adventures!

1. Sis Jeong plays the kayageum....traditional korean instrument...look it up online, it sounds way cool. she played me happy birthday on it!

2. finally a picture of someone we are teaching!!   its a mother and daughter...they just want to learn english, but they are such a good family, and i know they’ve felt something different as we’ve talked about eternal families and temples and such.

3.  we made kimbab.... its a sheet of seaweed, a layer of rice, then a bunch of veggies/meat//whatever-you want to put in it.....then rolled up sliced kind like an icecream cake.   they eat kimbab like we eat pb&j....in sack lunches or picnics and things....

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