14 August 2013

Is this letter long enough for you, Trav?

K, Trav and everyone keeps pushing, so i’ll try writing more this week.

Trav- thanks for the study tips. I finally bought a small 3 ring binder and i’m going to start organizing things by topic...then i can always add to different sections when i study that topic and i can always create a category for whateverr i happen to study.    your temple pics are incredible!!  my favorite is the manti ones!  that is soo perfect with its castle-like brick exterior and then sitting up there on top of the hill...   haha and i know i sound trunky asking so much about the wedding—yeah its not fun to miss, but i just always think of what you all are missing out on! haha i get to live in Korea and be a missionary and i know that this is of more value to me than anything else!  so i love to see pictures and hear about it and all, but don’t worry, i’m glad to be HERE!

Dad- That is cool with the juvenaries sister. i always think its amazing how many great opportunities you and the fam have been blessed with to do missionary work. i think its because you’re so good to those in need and always ready to help and lift other families. when you all get a set of missionaries just for nampa, those missionaries will probably be about as busy as we are here. having to be creative in the activities we plan because sometimes we just don’t teach that much. but my view of mw is definitely starting to change and i can see value in the things i’m doing here even if they are different from what i expected or what other siblings experienced.

CHY- that stinks you had to cancel your trip....are you planning on going later??

So have you all heard about the new book by Clayton Christensen on the Power of Member Missionaries? Apparently its so popular/so good that pres ordered them and is having the whole mission read them..i haven’t gotten my copy yet, but i was thinking that that is what trav’s   dear jeff  could be.... i new book that the entire church starts reading because its soo good and so educational!!

This week at zone training they announced some new changes for the mission that i think are so great! Before we had a missionwide standard of 140 contacts a week. Its definitely a goal we can reach, but sister jeong only had one method of reaching that goal.  Crosswalk jeondo. 전도.  it means we would go stand on a four way crosswalk for at least an hour each day and as people came up to the light, we would greet them, sis jeong would recite the exact same line to every person, hand them a card as they’re walking away and then repeat 30 or 40 times.   Sis jeong thought that was the only way tot contact ppl, the only way to do MW. and i absolutely hated it...i hated that we were just turning people into a number....not conversating with them or asking them about themselves, their families....there was no time, because the light would change and they’d walk away. so we’d just give them one generic line for everyone....not effectve, we did it for my first 12 weeks and never had an investigator come of it.   So the mission changed to counting “conversations” rather than contacts. Because pres doesn’t want us chasing ppl down on the crosswalks pushing a card at them anymore. He wants us to focus on genuine conversations, real interest in real people....how we can help them, how the gospel can help them. Well, sis jeong is not a fan of the change, but i LOVE it and we got a new investigator this week because of it!!!     we sat down and actually TALKED WITH a lady on a bench....i know if we’d met her at a crosswalk using our old method, she never would have though twice about us.... so i’m so glad the rule change has shifted focus...its the way jesus would find people :)  :)

K enough of that....we have transfer calls this week and they’re actually exciting this time!  sis j will prolly leave sanbon, and i’ll prolly stay, but i’ll get a new comp and could possible train so......


1. CHY AND BONNIE THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY/6MONTH PACKAGE!!!  i can’t believe i’ve been out almost 6 months...thats insane!!  but the bit-o-honeys were perfect...about the only candy you can’t get here!!  thaaannks soooo muchc!!!!!!

2. a subway station. most are underground but the ones more out in the country look like this.

3. some of our area.....the few villa/townhouses that haven’t been replaced with apt buildings are on the left...then the great and spacious buildings that make up all of korea are on the right.

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