05 August 2013

All English Investigators

WwOW!!! FAMILY!! sounds like you all had an awesome time with the wedding!! quite the adventure on the east and west and southern borders of the states!!!  it looks pretty sunny and summery over there, but i can guarantee that it isn’t as hot as it is here!!!
I want to see lots of pics from the reception and such!!
 it stopped raining this week but the moisture didn’t go away. it just vaporized and it sits in the air while it burning hot outside. we were out last night and it was dark but the air was all misty and white....not FOG...just humidity.   Its good...its realllly good.  

congrats to tan on his graduation....i watched a documentary once where they talked about the ‘blues’ uniform and everything that goes into preparing...thats way cool...... where are chy and logan going for their honeymoon?  

We’ve been teaching quite a bit lately, but its all english investigators....one of them is a professor though and she told us she WANTED to read the BOM to find out what it was all about and if it was correct. so she’s going at it from a more academic standpoint, but if we can just get her to pray about it and have a little faith....I suppose thats part of why this mission has been such a shock. i’ve not really taught a REAL investigator yet so i feel like i’m not doing missionary work sometimes. but those ppl we teach english to remember the mormon missionaries and they remember how we treat them and maybe they don’t want what we have now, but i know that when we do the best we possibly can to warn them and get them to see, then we’re doing our job.

1. this is a cicada?  i don’t know how to spell it. they’re all over in the southern states i think but i’ve never seen one. pretty much they just sit in the trees and make an incredibly loud buzzing noise. and when there’s hundreds of them it hard to hear people sometimes when we walking down the streets because its so loud!

2. sis j and me eating   naeng myeon.....its a cold-noodle dish....has ice chunks floating in it and its sooo good!

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