04 August 2013

Fun Week!

Fun Week! (well, according to missionary standards i suppose)

We had interviews with Pres Morisse on wednesday,  thursday we got to go to the temple,  then on saturday, right before we left the apt,  the Groesbecks, who are our mission financial/office couple....they called and said they were coming to sanbon to look for a new apt to send elders to the area. So they needed sis j to help translate and get our opinions on the area. So we got to go look at apartments all afternoon and hang out with the groesbecks.

I also finished my 12 weeks of training, so as of today i am no longer a greeny, i’m now officially a ‘Junior Companion’  hahaha  (and we’ll see in a few weeks, i might move straight from ‘junion’ to ‘trainer’ ....hopefully not though  :)  )  

Sister Washburn Funny:  ^^

So we were planning one night...Sis J tells me a lady we know works on the bottom floor at our apt so we should go visit her....so we write down “visit  il Cheung ‘  “   in our planners.... A few minutes later i’m looking and i ask sister J....’wait....what is  il cheung’s  last name??    (all korean names have 3 syllables)   she goes what???  so i ask again... “right here...what is  il cheung’s last name? “   and she just starts laughing.....hahahah  ------ ‘il cheung’  means ‘first floor’. hahaha   il cheung....Its not a name....(darned if i can tell the difference)   일층.  


1. a member making us lunch. the girl on the left just turned in her mission papers so she’s been helping us a lot to teach and such...

2.  in july, the koreans all go out and eat this special chicken soup to give them strength to endure the hot summer.  its pretty much a broth soup with an entire chicken baked in it.

3. everyone says that sis jeong is my baby since i’m so big and she’s so tiny....

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