22 July 2013

Weoshibeon Legacy ^^

Hi Everyone!

Everyone in emails keeps asking me if i have gotten to talk to Meeho yet....She emailed me and i have her phone number, but she lives in the Seoul (north half) mission boundaries and she’s not technically an investigator so i’m waiting on word from president on how/if i can contact her. I think i’ll be able to call her this week and hopefully get her to meet with the missionaries in her area. Also, i could maybe convince her to come down to sanbon for a pday so i could see her!!

haha So the last 2 months, we slowly been making and delivering banana bread to all the member and giving it to less actives that we hunt down. Well one sister lives waaaay outside our area, but used to attend out ward....so we spent a rainy afternoon going waaay out in the boonies somewhere trying to find her apartment. We finally found the adress and she wasn’t home, so we left the bread on her doorstep with a note and our phonenumber. haha The next day we get a call from someone saying that   “this isn’t ‘Sister Ha’....she doesn’t live here....but this banana bread looks really good, is it okay if we eat it anyways??   hahaha wrong door. i suppose its all service just the same though!  :)

So yesterday we had a special visitor to the ward. He’s like in the area presidency for the asia north area or something...not sure exactly. His name is Kim Chang Ho.....He was teaching the ward sunday shcool lesson and he found out that ‘Elder Washburn’ was my grandpa.....Well i couldn’t understand any of the lesson, but he mentioned ‘Elder Weoshibeon’  (korean pronunciation ^^)  like 10 times throughout his lesson and talk in sacrament meeting. He was teaching about grandpa’s famous talk and using his words.... Apparently they still use grandpa’s  conference talk to train the general authorities-  ‘we go to the temple to make covenants....’    It was crazy being waaaay over here in Korea and still being blessed by the incredible legacy of the Grandpa Washburn—Even in Korea, people know his words...  (mom, or someone could put this on the washburnfam blog so everyone can see it!)


1.Meet Sister Jeong...man in the iron mask.

2. This is hilarious....---this is how koreans “repaint their house”  ....or errr....apartment building.....the management makes a poster with the different color scheme options and they put it outside the elevator, then as all the residents go up to their apts  they can put a sticker by which option they like best...everyone votes then they repaint the whole building according to the majority vote. this is not our apartment building, but me and sister jeong voted hahaha

3. This is what most of our mealtimes look like.  A watermelon and a spoon.

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