16 July 2013


It’s been rainy all week! I love it so much...but none of the Koreans like it. They all say how if i run around in the rain too much, my hair will fall out because its acid rain. hahah and the elders all worry about that a ton too.... i guess i should use an umbrella....  hahah I almost died of laughter when Sister Jeong’s umbrella turned inside out during a really stormy day....I’ve only ever seen that on cartoons and movies and such so i thought it was HILARIOUS....(haha you can see i’m a little starved of entertainment)     haha i see something new everyday here!

We just did a lot of teaching this week....we have a bunch of ‘english’ investigators. they just meet with us to learn english then we teach them the gospel too. HAHAH    we had a small miracle yesterday.... we were out on the streets and we saw two foreigners...(all us foreigners stick out like a sore thumb...)  we crossed the street to go talk to them and come to find out it was an elder that served here two years ago. his picture and all this notes and things are in our area book. he was bringin his wife back to see his area!   that was a surprise!!

i really can’t think of anything else exciting.....

goofin’  in one of the subway stations. 

sister fudge!! she’s my younger group from the mtc... in my district for her first 3 wks but just got transferred....she’s awesome!

sister jeong loooves all sorts of strange seafood sinces she’s from busan... this is tried octopus....smells like dog food.

ps- i don’t know who is the assigned photographer, but i had better see lots of wedding pictures!!!

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