25 November 2013

Another Good Week in Gangnam

Man, another good week in Gangnam. The elders in our area are great but they don’t know any of the buses to take, so we’ve been walking EVERYWHERE.  We’ve kinda been on assignment from the ward leaders to hunt down some less active members so we’ve been hiking all over our area trying to find these places. I have asked for directions more times this week than i probably will in my whole life ever. But after this it will be SO easy to do it in English. haha  half the time i ask someone and then don’t understand a word they say, so we just nod and smile and say thanks and head in the direction they point.

We had exchanges. I got to be with sister florence again. I’ll send a picture sometime...we’re quite the sight...she’s like 6’1 and has blonde curly hair. Oh wait, she’s in the pic i sent of all the sisters!  shes the tall one!   We visited a member that night and she gave us tights since it was cold. She made us put them on right then!  Thats korean hospitality for you...wouldn’t let us leave the house til we were all bundled up!

Me and Sister Chestnut made cookies this week without measuring spoons, measuring cups...a bowl, beaters, or a real oven. amazingly enough, they turned out decent! I’ve baked enough i guessed on the measurements, we had to whip them up in a rice-cooker pot and we baked them in a toaster oven. haha  We took them with us for our visits we were making.

We picked up a miracle investigator this week!  Her name is Jeong Jee Yeon.  Shes Catholic, a really good lady, has a daughter and husband...they’re super rich, but she’s not very happy. She had us come to teach her english, but as soon as we got there she started asking us all these questions about the church and we’ve taught her so much now. She’s starting the BOM and wants to come to church...we don’t know why Heavenly Father is blessing us with such miracles!   Shes always thought that religion is important, but she’s never felt any conviction for her church...she goes each week out of obligation and doesn’t feel anything. Any suggestions on how we can help her feel a conviction for the truth?  i’m worried she won’t have the gumption to act and feel something from living the truth.

We’ll try hard to find a computer where i can send pictures for next week!


tev and jill CONGRATS!!! I’M SO EXCITED that you’re moving to nampa so we can see you more often!!! that will be sooo good having you close and getting to babysit for you and be neighbors...thats the way things should be. though i’ll be sad to be far from zions.

dad— i feel like i can speak more quickly...but as far as good, significant progression...its hard because i know that i’m saying stuff wrong most the time, but i don’t have a korean to correct me. I think it would be great after this to go back to a korean comp...because now i’ve got the ‘open my mouth’ part down..i need someone to correct me when i do speak.

k well, exciting stuff at home!!    if you want to send christmas stuff...make me a fun calendar for 2014 with some family pics on it!


We’re still using the PC bang....so no pictures from my camera. haha sorry...YOU try finding a proper library in a giant city without using the internet, a phonebook....or ENGLISH. its rough. :)

Anyways, this is the sisters of Seoul-Nam zone...last pday. We were shopping in Gangnam and it started snowing...It was actually quite magical. It felt like we were in New York with the big christmasey department stores and the giant buildings and taxis and then the snow.....Christmas in Gangnam is going to be goood.

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