18 November 2013

What Gangnam Ward Is Like 사진 없어요

sorry  there are no pictures again this week. We really don’t know a good place to email that has the right plug-ins for my camera card. we’re in the pc bang again this week.

i can give you an off-email assignment though.... look up “Im Joo Eun”.....she’s a pretty successful actress here and she’s in our ward. Well...her mom is, i think the daughter is less active. But sister chestnut watched a bunch of shows with her in them and really loved her.... then we were looking through the area book and she’s like...”hmmm this kinda looks like...WHAT THE?? ITS HER!!!”   So yep...thats what gangnam ward is like.  The area book says that family loves missionaries and chocolate chip cookies, so me and sister chestnut and planning a visit this week :) Sister Chestnut wants a picture with her actress !

Also...another example of gangnam ward kindness...today we had groceries delivered to our house by a chauffeur in a fancy black limousine. The RS president found out we didn’t hardly have any food since our apt is new....so she called her hubby..(who’s a big fancy businessman) and he got someone to go out and buy us a huge bag of rice and a bunch of cereal and kimchi....then he had ‘his driver’  deliver it to our house. Yep...this Brother drives around in a chauffeured limousine all day.... But the ward is fantastic and so gracious and PREPARED. We taught a member lesson this week....my first REAL member lesson. And we got two referrals within 24hrs which is a record....We’re meeting both this week and there’s lots of potential there i think!

Its great having a ward so helpful...but its also a lot of pressure. Its good though...pushing us to be better and reach our potential as missionaries. I think the hardest part though is still just not understanding a lot of what people are saying. Its just hard when people talk about anything very specific and i just dont  know the right words to understand them. Its frustrating because there’s no way to predict which words is should learn, or what words i’ll need that day.... i end up studying alot of random vocab and then maybe don’t use it for a long time and then forget it later. Its a process though and i’m super glad that i have to speak so much now. It is hard because i know i’m not saying things write and probably sound so ridiculous but its the only way to learn!

sorry not much time this week, but the work here is going to be great!  I wish i could send you pictures of the area....Seoul really is a beautiful city..i just can’t believe i’m living in one of the biggest cities in the world!  I’m just from idaho hahah


hey so i hope you know that when i put stuff under the family section it means NOT to post that part on the blog... i don’t need the public to be exposed to how weird our family is :)

trav said dad had a talk on technology. Well yep,. i do have a few words to add....  Here EVERYONE has smartphones. Thats means that literally anywhere you go people are buried in their phones. The subways everyone has headphones, they’re watching tv, listening to music or talking to someone on the phone. I’ve been amazed at how many full grown men, dressed in nice business clothes are completely preoccupied by some dumb game on their phone. They waste hours every week buried in something meaningless and mindless when they could be reading or learning or lifting someone else. It’s a huge problem here.

and i know that its not that bad in our family. But.....coming on a mission and leaving all the stuff behind has changed my perspective so mmuch. Its amazing the things we can get done because we’re not wasting time on the computer or watching tv or games.  There is a time and a place for all of that, but i feel like the things we fill our time with make us the people we are. So what kind of people are we choosing to be?

One of the saddest things i’ve seen here is when you ask a student or kid what their hobbies are...what they like to do....so many of them have no answer that they have no hobbies...or they just say. ‘my phone’. because thats all they spend their time on...they don’t have anything else worthwhile that defines them. they only have their meaningless games that they waste so much time on and then there’s not any time left to be a valuable, productive person.

It’s not a huge issue in our fam, but really......just remember for a second the POINT of this life....the bigger picture and do things that help make you better for good. I really wish i hadn’t wasted to much time in college. I had so much free time and i filled it with a lot of laziness... a lot of nothing. I wish i would have used it do something valuable.

Beware of smartphones.

(and starcraft and texting and movies and tv.)

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