20 May 2013


So in the MTC, our teacher told us that the first few days in the MTC was like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant. Well if the MTC is a firehydrant, then Korea is like trying to fill up a dixie cup in one of the spillways of Glen Canyon Dam!   I mean holy cow.... there is not words or time to tell everything....Last week i didn't get my letter sent off because we ran out of time on the computer and it kicked me off and we had to go catch the subway back to our area anyways. So now everything is jumbled up.   First things first though....

My trainer is Sister Jeong. She is from Busan, Korea, about 4'11", a year younger than me and doesn't speak much english!  AND She also is only 11/2 transfers ahead of me!!!!  She got here and was trained for 10 weeks by her trainer and now she's training me! So it's been a little crazy to say the least. That is just one of the effects of the missionary age-change...they need so many more sisters to train now since they've had such a huge influx of new sister missionaries.

 Our area is Sanbon. Its a very pretty area with lots of families, but missionary work has been really rough here for the past few years. The ward is teeny, like maybe 5-6 regularly active members and we have zero investigators.     But since i'm the new missionary all the families are so nice and we've had some really good dinner appointments.

I like all the Korean food i've had thus far except for.....KIMCHI!!  I've had it twice so far and i was really hoping i'd like it but i just don't...its mcnasty. But maybe its an acquired taste so i'll keep trying...   :/      We also have had 'chinese food' twice...so they kinda eat it how we eat mexican food....maybe not REAL chinese food, but its REAL good :)

Alright so Seoul....Its like a big city and all, but not a ton of skyscrapers, just a TON of apartment buildings. They have them everywhere and they are HUGE!  our apt building has 20 stories and its not even one of the big ones. They just build them in these clusters and there's a family in each one...its not so hard to imagine anymore how they fit so many millions of people in such a small area.  Its cool though...the city is built and packed so close together, but then there are the .....i don't know what to call them......asian mountains maybe??  they are like the size of big hills, but shaped like mountains....and all covered in foilage and jungle-looking stuff...they build the city around those-so you're riding along and all the sudden there's this big macchu-picchu looking hill standing up right behind a bunch of apartments....(they never build on them....so they just stand out a ton )  i'll try to send some good pictures, but i'm definately in asia!!

I thought since the culture is so different yet so awesome that i'd send a 'korean funny' each week. Something that made me raise an eyebrow during the week because of the difference in culture....(and believe me, theres alot of them!)

Korean Funny: We had a stake sports activity on Friday and the ward that won the activity got a 50 POUND BAG OF RICE. Yep, that was the prize.... I've never seen a group of bishops run so fast in my life!  hahaha

This is Sanbon Square where all the action happens

2. Me and sister Dorman with Brother Madsen, our MTC teacher and his wife. The night before we left the MTC they just so happened to 'run into us' at the temple!

3. A beautiful family from our ward that got sealed on saturday. They invited us to come to the temple, so we got to be there! 

1. Sister Jeong....this is her favorite place to eat....

2. Me at the restaurant...its a meat bar. You go through and choose all the RAW meat you want, then you sit down at your table and there's a grill build right into the middle of the table and you grill your meat.....Jeff's heaven.

3. Sis Jeong ate like 20 of these little squid/octopus things....they were like trying to chew through a balloon.

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