28 May 2013

Now I Love Kimchi

Hi Yeoreobun!

Well, due to an extraordinary outpouring of wonderful emails, i have no time to write, but thanks so much for all the letters!  There was so much good advice and one liners and everything was just what i needed to hear!

GOOD NEWS!  we ate dinner with a less active family and the wife is a fantastic cook!  She fed us kimchi that they made in 2009...it was kinda a big deal to have kimchi that was so old, because the older it is the better....BUT man I LOVED THIS STUFF. i guess i just have a very refined palate when it comes to kimchi. I only like the good ooooold stuff. 2009 was a good year.   :)  :)

Korean Funny:

Watermelon hammocks. Thats what i call them, not anyone else. The watermelons here are not as big as ours and everyone buys groceries then has to carry them home one foot or on a bus. So they have watermelon hammocks. These little slings/harnesses they put on all the melons so they can carry them. They remind me of a make-shift halter we'd tie out of bailing twine and throw on theodore. Just a bunch of knots and twine and the two loops for a handle- then you sling that thing over your shoulder and haul 'er home!

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