03 June 2013

Korean Food

Korean Funny:

I guess i have only thanks to give this week....Tanner taught me a few months back how to hold chopsticks....well i didn’t realize how significant that was. I always get compliments on how well i can use my chopsticks and how i hold them so good! holding chopsticks is kinda like holding a pencil. There are all sorts of ways, but there are BAD ways and GOOD ways. I hold mine like a pro thanks to tanner—the members always ask me if i need a fork and a spoon but i can proudly turn them down and they are always so impressed!    hahah    and yes...they eat most everything with chopsticks....rice, ramen, EGGS, french toast and even cake!!!  (haha sometimes, i just have to sit back and shake my head and say....’this would be sooo much easier with a stinking fork!!”??’)

We had our LAST SEOUL MISSION CONFERENCE this thursday.  We had it in a church then afterwards we went to a big park and ate COSTCO chicken bake sandwhich things and played games and then went to a zoo there!     The best part though was seeing my MTC district...i guess they have all seen each other before this...they are in the same districts so they’ve  been working together all along, but apparently i’ve been way out stranded in the boonies by myself!!!  so that was a fun reunion. I also went on splits with our sister trainging leader and HOLY COW.....  what a difference...  it was just good to speak real english and her district is super fun and good buddies so we all went out and got dinner and just had a good time together—   i was beginning to think that everyone saying missionary work is fun were a bunch of liars...but that was fun. its fun when you make friends with your district and zone!

We all knew it was coming....heres some of the fun food i’ve been eating!

1. This is called cheon..... like a potato pancake or something with abunch of peppers and greens in it and  those long things are squid!  this is one of my favorite foods so far...a member gave us a bunch of batter and we cooked it up for a couple meals! its a little spicy though!

2.  This stuff if called   ‘batpingsu’   pronounced  ‘popping zoo!’  haha at least thats what is sounds like they’re saying....this is a popular dessert/treat.   A big metal bowl filled all the way up with crushed/shaved ice....they pour on some milk, then throw on red beans (they have them in a can, sweetened...its wierd)  then random things like  cereal?  fruit, nuts, a little icecream....

3.  This is how you eat poppingzoo....you just stir everything together in a big mess and it looks disgusting but its so weird and delicious!! (and much healthier than icecream since its mainly water)

4. On the left is dokbokki....rice nooddles.... really good. kinda like a big giant fat noodle but better...and healthier.   Then on the left we have  the triangle pieces of pig liver and  the weird round pieces of pig lung.   actually not tooo bad when you get past the idea of it.

1. A sneak picture of the subway...so you can see all the asians!!   i would take a good one, but its weird to just take a pic of a bunch of people in the subway, so i had to be stealthy....

2. Great and Spacious Apartment buildings....this is like 90% of korea... these giant apt buildings. this is where everyone lives, this is where we live. hundreds of people stacked on top of each other!

3. Alright, so thats an apt building on the right...then  BAM...out of nowhere--an asian mountain... ahaha i don't know what else to call it, but like i described in my last letter, there are building EVERYWHERE then ....whoah, a mountain?? they are so pretty.

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