11 June 2013

Not So Funny Anymore

So i think that i’m getting used to everything here because the ‘korean funny’ ideas i had don’t seem so funny anymore.

Korean not so funny anymore:
I suppose we could talk about umbrellas....I had never used an umbrella before i got here. Not for real anyways. i remember me and chy used to take them out in the front of the house when i was raining and play with them but we certainly weren’t USING them....just twirling them around...catching water from the roof in them. Well umbrellas are pretty important here. It rained pretty hard a couple times and when i told sister jeong i usually don’t use umbrellas because i like the rain, she said...’no. you don’t use an umbrella here and people think you are crazy.’

because it rains so hard for long, you would literally be soaking wet for like 3 weeks straight. The rainy season is coming up in a few weeks—Right now though everone uses sun umbrellas. Because koreans really don’t like their skin getting darker—they all carry around this snazzy, bedazzled sun umbrellas and wear long sleeves to keep the sun off. They are always concerned for me when they see my skin getting darker—always trying to share their umbrellas with me  :)

We had 12 week followup this last week...after only 5 weeks. Thats because they’re getting so many new people they’re just speeding everything up and we could be training after 12 weeks....it mostlikely will be after 18 wks but that is still insane seeing how i still really can’t understand what people are saying to me most the time!  ah what an adventure!  We’re still not really teaching anyone...just a whole lot of less-active work and street contacting.  

Its just starting to get hot and humid here. It will start raining soon and have about 3 weeks of rainy season, then after that it gets REALLY hot and humid because of all the moisture from the rain i guess.  I’m excited for the rain, but not the heat!!

I’m doing well, thanks for all the emails/prayers!!

— 와시번 자매

1.  silk worms. they cook these things in a big pot like soup..then you just eat a cup full of them like a snack...its not a tourist thing either...they all love them!!   honestly, the acually bug isn’t that bad, but the smell is indecent. think of a when we’d comb out one of the dogs and put the hair in a bag...then we left it outside and it got rained on for a weeks and was just stinking..thats EXACTLY what this smells like.

 2. this is kimbab. my favorite.  its just rice and veggies and differnt things rollled up in a sheet of seeweed and sliced... its seriously the best. i’m going to learn how to make it so i can eat it all the time at home!!

3. this is the Han river...that will divide seoul and seould south missions. this is looking on the south half. Last pday we rode the subway about an hour north to this pretty park by the river. Sis Jeong wanted to go really bad since its on the north side of the river and we won’t be able to go there after the mission split (if we stay in seoul south)  ..we rented bikes and just cruised up and down the river....it was super fun.

 4. sis jeong and the river....

 5.  a watermelon sling. sorry if its disappointing after the huge introduction i gave it last week  :)

 6. sorry all my pictures are about food. I just eat so many things i’ve never had before i have to take pictures. This is a huge bowl of ‘jjambbong’....noodles and veggies and meat and CLAMS!  they look like the little clams we’d play with in the canal out at pearces!

7. Sister Jeong and member from the ward....we were on a corner street contacting and she was headed home and saw us and took us to get  batbingsu...this was the biggest and best bowl of batbingsu i’ve had yet!!! sooo good  :)

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