24 June 2013

My First Real Investigator

Hi everyone!!  First off, thanks for all the pictures and kind words! you are the best.   I have to tell you— i got to teach my first REAL investigator this week. The few ppl we’ve taught before this just had english interest and so we did the 30/30 program with them. 30 min english, 30 min gospel. But we found Jeeyoo last week and she’s just a bit older than Jackson but she’s taking the lessons and coming to church and reading the BOM. pray for her to have the maturity to realize how important this gospel is!   i think i sent a pic of her last with ,,...sitting by sister jeong...

the big news this week was the transfer/training calls. 2 of the sisters from my older MTC group,..who have been here a total of 12 wks....are now TRAINING new sisters.  yep...babies training babies. i’d be fine with that if we were in the states, but i can barely find my way from here to the next subway stop. But i’ll have a trail run this week....we’re doing exchanges with some other sisters on thurs....sis Jeong is going witht the older sister who is training a brand new missionary. So that super duper greeny is going to come back here iwht me...the super greeny and we’ll have a good time i guess—if i can even find my way back to our area on the subway.    above ground i actually have a really good sense of direction and can find my way and remember things really well, but we get underground in those huge manmade anthills and i have no idea which train is going where or which one i’m supposed to get on...haha it will be  fun!!!

KOREAN FUNNY— all the boys here wear animal print. like tarzan or something. in the states, you get made fun of for wearing leapard print...but here the boys all run around with leopard backpacks

thats what a typical meal here looks like...when we eat with members. just a whole ton of tiny one-bowl dishes and you eat it with rice and lettuce. its so good though!

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