02 July 2013


haha  you’re all hearing from me so that means that i made it home alright from our exchanges this last week!  They actually went really well. The place we met on the subway was super easy to get to so we didn’t get lost or anything!    There’s no way in this world that i should be a trainer anytime soon, but i guess i saw that it is possible to do missionary work even when neither of you can speak the language!   Those whom the lord calls, he qualifies!

We also had our last Zone meeting with Pres Christensen. He came and gave us the last farewell to the troops before sending us all off to Seoul South mission...We’ll meet President Morisse this week!   The first pic is me with President and Sister C at the conference.  (Sister Christensen looks alot like mom, but shorter—she could be one of my aunts!)

The second pic is me with some english flyers we made. we put them up a bunch of apt buildings advertising our 30/30 program! (30 min english, 30 gospel message—its the only way we ever get to teach around here)

Next is me and sister jeong...i feel like i haven’t sent any pictures of her...

4th is a typical korean restaurant meal.  You just grilla  bunch of meat on the table in front of you then eat it witha  bunch of rice and lettuce and different kimchis and things.   itswaaaay good. you just stuff it all into a big leaf of lettuce and fold it into a little diaper thing and stuff it all into your mouth.


K well, i expect to see some pictures from the reunion!  haha and just admit it,  the reunion was just not much fun with out me and matt and sam there..... 2015 will be a party though!  :)

I love all of you who were loyal enough to write me this week!   ^^

Sister Washburn

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