28 October 2013



1 AND 2-----on my exchange in Ansan.... They have a beautiful river running through their area and it was the most perfect fall day.....

3.  This is Seo-Il-Min....he’s sixty and he loves us missionaries. (mainly just me:))  Me and sis jeong found him and taught him a bit, but it was hard since he’s a man...so when the elders came, we passed him on to them, but every friday when they teach him, me and sis lee come afterwards to see him. He bought us a volleyball cuz he heard i played and wanted to play...so we did last week it was way fun. HAHAH he thinks i’m wwwaaaay better than i am but that because no one here plays sports. this last i taught him how to set and how to pass....then we played some bball.  hes super fun....  then he ordered us all lunch!

4. this is part of our area at night...we were visiting someone in the top of one of the biggest apt buildings and you could see everything!!!

I feel like not much happened this week in the way of missionary work.....

We had pres interviews on wed, so it was fun seeing pres and sister----they love me now because i know Jimmy Stewart and Carey Grant and all the good old classics. Sis morisse said she had asked EVERYONE abt one of jim stewarts movies and no one had even HEARD of Jimmy Stewart......She was so happy when i told her i grew up with all those.....well....HARVEY.is one president’ fav movies and they might show it to us at christmas!  i watched it once with nani and brookie :)

one of the wards in our stake had a halloween party and all the missionaries in our zone got to go help. it was super fun and they had tons of ppl bring nonmember friends and kids and such....it was really good.

k well, sorry there’s not much time. we have transfer calls THIS WEEKEND. so i’ll find out if i’m staying or going or what.....i’m really scared for this one. But they’re opening up a sisters team in Gangnam...so pray that i go there!! haha that would be soo cool!!!  if not i just want to stay in sanbon...which i think i likely will....president likes to keep ppl the same for a long time so they can build good relationships in the areas....

k have a great week everyone!! enjoy the fall, its beautiful here!!!

This is a pic from the sisters conference....i’m up there on the back with my best buds sis saunders and bassett from the MTC...bad pic  but the sisters are growing a ton in numbers!!!!  we’re getting 10 american sisters in 11/2 wks and then around 10 more right before christmas!!

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