23 December 2013


So they changed plans on us and told us to go ahead and email this monday so we can keep everything on schedule....

So i’ll do this week with some fun pictures!

Me and Sister Chestnut had CHESTNUT/SWEETPOTATO pizza again.....Yeah..its strangely delicious and we like eating chestnuts at christmas time because we’ve sung about them our whole life, yet no one has actually had them before...

This is one of our fun snowy days. Its makes walking quite hard because the streets get all slick and icy, but we just hunker down and sing ‘white christmas’ and its all fun and christmasey! This is what alot of this week looked like as we went from teaching appointments to LA visits...delivering brownies and giving christmas cards and such.

This is a traditional Korean feast....They bring out about 30 different dishes and you just eat it with you rice. Literally every inch of the table was covered in sidedishes....there was raw oysters and pig hocks in there somehwere. ----These are some ladies from the ward. They took us to lunch with them.

This is the entry-way to that restaurant...i included this so you could see the giant kimchi pots in the background...they were like taller than me!!!

This is at our ward Christmas party....the girl on the left is Pyew Pyew..our investigator from Myanmar....She left this week to go home until mid-February, so there’s a good chance one of us won’t see here again. We gave her a nice copy of the BOM for christmas though that she can take with here and study while she’s gone.

So we spent the whole week gearing up for Christmas.  We got to go to a performance of Handel’s Messiah at one ofour stake centers in the area. A professional orchestra and choir came and did a big performance, it was great!!

Then we had the Gangnam ward christmas party. It was an awesome party!  We had a bunch of non-members from our english class come and had a good time it think. We and the elders sang ‘What child is this’ and it went pretty well.....  They had a giant korean feast and then some games and musical numbers and things.

The best part though....haha :   They dimmed the lights and started playing magical christmas music from ‘polar express’ and then santa comes walking in with his bag!  :)  and everyone is quiet and he sits down at the front and starts pulling presents out of his bag and calling out names of the children. So the kids are all getting these special presents and  then suddenly he calls out   ‘Washee-bon...Washee-bon chamaenim!”  haha so i got to go get a present from SANTA!!  The first time i’ve ever gotten a REAL PRESENT FROM SANTA!!  it was magical!!  They had gifts for all us missionaries!  It was so great of the ward to think of us ahead of time and get us special presents. They gave us really nice  thermal leggings and shirts....Mine are long and black and warm and sis chestnut got some really cool purple ones!   We couldn’t wait until christmas to open the presents and i’m glad we didn’t...i’ve been wearing the thermals ever since we got them! haha

This is the ancient Stake patriarch getting his present from Santa. He looks and talks JUST LIKE the old turtle from KUNGFU PANDA. no joke. The exact same.    He (the patriarch) also played his harmonica for us!

We’re really starting to love Gangnam ward and the getting more and more comfortable with all the members and faces that show up each week. They’ve been really great to us.

A few “wow, i live in korea moments”     We were walking down the street today and we passed a member...she was on her phone, but she stopped long enough to hand us each a baked sweet potato. They eat them like a dessert here....you just hold it and peel it and eat it like a banana.


Sister Washburn

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