20 March 2013

I want to give kinda a rundown of the MTC

Annyeong Haseyo!! Chal jinesumnikka? I'm so excited to write you about this week! So first off...the hanguksaram (native koreans) got here on Monday....They are the missionaries from Korea that are called to serve in Korea...the Church flys them over to this MTC for like 2 weeks, then they'll fly back to Korea with all the older missionaries that have been here 9 wks. Its been so great to have them here. It feels like we've been in the MTC for an eternity and that this is going to be the whole mission....like I forget that we're actually going to be going to Korea in a few weeks. But the Hanguksaram just made me so excited to be going to Korea... they make it easy to want to work hard to learn Korean because they're such fun, special people you just want to talk to them so much!! Most of them speak a little english some speak alot, but they are all so little and funny and sweet you just can't watch them without smiling. They're all very gracious...they bow alot and are very affectionate.

So last Tuesday our entire Korean branch went to the temple together....we all waited in the Celestial room afterwards because President Shin wanted us all in there together, it was a great trip. President Shin and his wife are from Korea and the nicest people ever...both smiling constantly--President Shin is going to be the new president of the Daejeon mission though so he got released this sunday and our new President is his counselor Brother Yost (from SE Idaho)

So I want to give kinda a rundown of the MTC since i never had any idea of what missionaries ACTUALLY DO in the MTC. I think its handy for Jeff and Jax and other future missionaries to hear.... here's a rough rundown of the schedule...
  • Wake up at 6:30.... get ready eat breakfast and be to your classroom by 7:45.. 
  • Your classroom is assigned you when you first get there and it becomes your new home. You spend all day there with your district which is usually made up of 8-10 other elders and sisters that are learning the same language as you. 
  • Our district has 6 sisters and 4 elders--one of the very first where sisters outnumber elders... there's usually like 2 sisters in a district. 
  • from 8-12 we'll have an hour of personal study where you study whatever you want in Preach my Gospel/ the scriptures.... Then we'll have an hour of language study where you study whatever you want in the language on you own or as a class or whatever. 
  • 12 is lunch...... 
  • 1-5 pm We have one of our teachers Bro. Madsen or Bro. Forsythe come and teach .....they teach new grammar principles help us with our korean and teach us how to teach 
  • 5 is dinner 
  • 6-9 The teacher that wasn't there in the afternoon teaches us in the evening.... 
  • ---Sometimes we have an investigator to teach that night so we do it during that time..... 
  • 9:30--Go back to your rooms 
  • 10:30 Lights out 
I told you before it just feels like a giant boarding colleg where you go to class all day and learn Korean....I really like it though, its a great environment! The hangukmal (korean) is coming along i guess..... haha We're starting to get into more complicated sentences and those are hard to get the hang of.....If i wanted to say "We have a message about jesus christ" you would say "we jesus christ about message have" so yep....thats fun trying to convert in your head. I can pray now though and introduce myself and kinda teach some simples sentences.... To anyone that may be preparing for a mission.....ABSOLUTELY study the language before you get to the MTC....I was told by practically everyone not to worry about studying beforehand because you'd learn it all in an hour anyways...but honestly, learning how to read Korean and stuying the alphabet and some vocab has been a HUGE help!! Thats one of the biggest keys to a language is learning dono (vocab) so i wish i would have worked harder and learned more!!!

K times gone, Write me on dearelders, i get it the day of rather than having to wait til P-DAY!!


(see ya!)


(i love you)

jamaenim Washibeon

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