27 March 2013

Week 3! The MTC Playground

Sunset from the Temple Mount, looking over the MTC and Utah Lake

Alright family...alot to cover this week i think, and aunt becky sent me maffew's letter to read so i might cut this short!

So last tuesday....our District leader told us Elder Holland was coming to the devotional so we went to choir like 1/12 hrs early because the choir people get their seats saved for the devotional later turns out...no Elders Holland, BUT.....you know how in between conference sessions they do an hour special on a different area of the world? Well this conference they're doing the MTC,  so they've been filming and they filmed the choir...so at conference.....watch for me and Sister Doorman!  we made it on camera but you'll have to wait and see if they use our segment!

Alright...for this week's MTC insight...we're gonna cover gym time. Chy said they only got 2-3 gym hours a week. We have 50 minutes of schelduled gymtime every day but Pdays and Sundays obviously. They have a ginormous gym with a track around it and a few weights.... Everyone there plays basketball, lightning, volleyball or foursquare. I like to call the big gym 'The playground' because thats what it feels like.... Like elementary school again where everyone has their favorite game that they're terrible at and you get zero exercise but its fun. Then there's the small gym that is like a real gym. They have elipticals, bikes free weights and space to do other exercises...only problem is they don't have any treadmils....have no idea why, i think its ridiculous to have the sitting down bikes that do nothing for you and not have treadmils! I go there when i actually want to get some exercise. Sister Bassett in the district will take us through some yoga stuff sometimes, I take people through p90x legs and Sister Sieverts does p90x abs with us. So gym is alot more scheduled and consistent than I ever did before the mission.

Now for Korean--In Korean, they have 3 sort of levels in their speech....High, middle and low form..... They only teach missionaries high form because it is the most polite and repsectful and they want us to adress people that way. The hanguksaram that were here started teaching us a little middle form becuase thats how you talk to your friends/people younger than you. Our teacher told us that we'd just pick up middle form in the field because its super easy and we'd hear it all the time anyways.

The hanguksaram and the older district left on monday so that means we're the old ones now...which is not cool at all since we've only been here 3 wks.... We had a good time with the Koreans before they left though and we'll get a group of them that come in for the 2 weeks before our district ships out.

Sentence of the Week
ENGLISH:    Because Jesus loves us, He atoned for our sins
KOREAN:    Jesus us love because, he our sins for atoned

 Ha....try switching that around in your head and then conjuring up all the vocab to say it.... Also...we learned numbers...yep they have 2 sets, chinese and korean...they use both all the time....when you tell time, you use the korean for the hour and the chinese for the minutes. So pretty much it takes me 10 minutes to say the time in korean.

We taught our first lesson in the TRC this week....the TRC is where they have real people from the outside world come in and we share a message with them (Normally, when we teach our "investigator" its just one of the teachers that works here)  We taught two highschool girls that moved here from Korea about 2 yrs ago. They were really nice to us and it was a good experience.

So the time here is going super slow and super fast.... Some of the days seem like an eternity, but the weeks just fly by. Also, i really like the MTC, i just get a little bored and restless with the same exact schedule everyday and i hate being cooped up in the same 100yrds all the time. The best part of the week is today when we get to walk up to the temple and get off the MTC grounds and just sit and think during the sessions and then go outside and see the view and remember what the world looks like.

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