24 April 2013

Get Excited For Korea

So big week this week! The younger group of korean missionaries arrived this week! They are doing great and its nice to have our branch big again! Then last night and today the hanguksaram arrived! We haven’t met them yet because they aren’t staying in our residence hall this time so we won’t get to see them as much as the other group :( There’s 23 of them and they’ll fly back to korea with us in 2 weeks. Holy Cow! only 2 weeks to go! I can’t imagine having to stay for 5 more weeks.....i don’t know how tanner did it! I just feel like our learning has really slowed down and that it’ll be so much more effective to just go to korea. I know i’m not going to be able to understand a word anyone says but eh....we’re just ready to go!

 Ok....so last tuesday Elder Scott came and spoke to us. He gave an excellent talk on prayer and our realtionship with heavenly father—he is the best! Also, in our branch on sunday, Elder Evans of the 70 came...just to our little branch sacrament meeting! it was sweet! He was the presiding authority over the East Asia mission area...so like japan and KOREA! My district sings really well together, so we sang the musical number...’I Need Thee Every Hour’ in korean. Then elder evans spoke the rest of the time on korea and just gave some really great counsel and promises.

 MTC SPOTLIGHT: We only have ONE more pday left, so i though i’d cover pdays really quick today! We got up at 6:30 and went to the temple today. Each district is assigned a temple time, but theres no one there in the morning so we go early. We get back around 8...change into sweats and jeans and stuff.....get sack breakfasts then do our laundry and write letters. We’re usually done with laundry by ten and then we get to just hang out in our rooms/write letters/eat sack lunches.....Its nice....You can take a nap if you want or go to the gym or clean (jokes) haha Me and sister Dorman usually put on sunday clothes and head to a computer lab around 4ish and get on the computers for an hour and write and send pictures....then go straight to dinner at five. 5 is when pday ends. We eat dinner in church clothes then go straight to language study then to the Tuesday night devotional. Pdays are the best, but its taken us 6 weeks to ‘perfect’ them to where we are most efficient with our time. Today we had more free time than any other week and yet i still only wrote ONE letter!

 Last night in class, our teacher did a ‘Get Excited For Korea’ presentation. He just showed us a bunch of pictures from his mission and of the food and people and everything. I’m so excited to go.....13 DAYS!!!!!!

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