04 May 2013

I Fly Out Monday!

Hi Everyone!!

So its friday afternoon and i fly out Monday morning at 8:30!  We head from SL to LA then from LA straight to the Incheon airport. I can't believe we're done already--i'm so excited and scared to go. I always thought that after the MTC missionaries just became fluent speakers of their language, but HOLY COW....i DO NOT know much korean. I really am going to be lost for the first month or so of my mission because all i've heard is American Korean, but thats not anything close to REAL korean :)   The only way to learn though is to just go.....I really am SOOO glad we're not staying the MTC for 3 more weeks....I love the mtc and all but i feel like our language progression has really slowed and its hard to stay motivated here.

So it was a really long week since they moved our pday to friday, but it was a good one!   Brother Madsen our teacher is the greatest!  We took one class period this week and he just sat and answered any questions we had about the culuture, people...anything. Then towards the end, he told us all to sit on the floor and he pulls our 10 pairs of good korean chopsticks and passes them around. Then he taught us all how to use them and pulled out some korean bowls and fills them with fruitloops and we all got to practice eating like the koreans!  haha It was funny watching everyone struggle---I'm so glad that i leaned to use them before! You all made fun of me for practicing with them after i got my call, but now i'm the top chopsticker in my district! :)  After we finished the fruitloops, Bro Madsen pulls out a bag of PB M&Ms and puts them in our bowls.... THAT was the real challenge... those things are big and round and slippery so that was the real test of our chopstick mastery. It was like Karate Kid in our room for a while!

Anyways, they've been doing little cultural things all week to get us excited to go and its working....next time you hear from me i'll be sitting in a shop in Seoul!

K well i'm out of time!    but i'm so excited to be serving!!   See Ya on the other side!!

Washburn Jamae

Ran into the beautiful Pieksma sisters at the Temple!  Janessa (left) is headed to Sweden on her mission and Victoria came from Rexburg to 'visit'  :)

Sister Dorman and I with some of the Manadarin speaking elders from our floor...headed to California, Australia and Taiwan.

Alright...so the first is during the fun classtime i told you about--The district eating fruitloops and M&MS with choptsticks!

Close up of korean bowl and the master of chopsticks.

We all had to take of picture when we got an M&M because it took so long to get one!

Me and sister dorman with our teacher Brother Forsythe. He is the best!  The Ginger Asian!

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