16 September 2013

Sleeptalking in Korean

Hi everyone!!

This this last week highlight was President Ringwood ...of the Asia North Area came for a mission tour!   The mission went in 2 shifts to meet with him and his wife!  its was soo good! His wife if one of Elder Nelson’s 9 daughters!  i didn’t bring my notes with me so i can’t even share what he said...but it was really good!

so i should say before i forget....i’ve been sleepingtalking in korean again a bunch.  Sister Jeong told me i invited her to be baptized one night in korean....now i’m practicing my street contacting with Sister Lee..... “hi! whats your name?” ....stuff like that.   ah stress.  hahahaha

We got a new “english investigator” this week from some flyers we’ve been putting up.
We’ve been doing a ton of less active visits trying to catch people at home because we just can’t get ahold of them any other way. Member retention is a problem in korea so we spend quite a bit of time tracking people down.

This week is like the biggest korean holiday... 추석.  chu-sok.... its like their thanksgiving holiday. everyone travels to their home town or wherever tfamily is and they make a ton of good food...so us missionaries are having a conference that day and they moved our pday to friday since we can’t do much during the holidy. i’ll write more on it next week since i still don’t know too much about what goes on!

Me and sister lee are having a great time!  we love our sanbon team and its been so much better since they sent elders here to work together and get some things moving. I can’t believe i’ve been training for almost 5 weeks now!  my first 5 weeks were the longest of my life, but now being on the flip side, training is flying by!   i think dad is right when he said the last 12 months will go by way faster than the first 6....i’m starting to feel that and its pretty scary.


thats really exciting with the new stake presidency!  i feel like pres jensen has been in for as long as i can remember!!  but bish stucki is the best! its be weird to be released by him instead....

sounds like you’re all having a good time at home. thats fun that trav gets to be there with the boys. i was always SO excited when one of you older kids would move home from college for a while. haha and it’ll be good to have you there to help out with leaves here in a few weeks. hahah

and chy and logan sound like they’re having a great time in rexburg!  its weird they’re like the only ones that have been a young college couple...everyone else was already done with school right...?

I’m glad ben still remembers me!  he’ll be so big when i get home!

i’d like to hear word from tanner....i have a lot of questions about language/cultural stuff.

i told jeff it would be cool if he served in japan so we’d have those 3 asian languages, but i’m convinced now that korea is by far the best asian country...so just come to korea!  then we can translate together for the next olympics!

sounds like maffew had quite the adventure this week...we don’t have anyone pulling guns on us. korean is super safe ....

alright!  you’re the best!!     너무 사랑해요!!!!



1. this is kimchi.  its so dang good.

2. me and my buddy elder roberson at the Ringwood conference.

3. We had a zone activity and they made rootbeer.

me and Sister Saunders (from my MTC district)  at the temple....with president’s nephew....and twin.

格夸老俊 浩侩~

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