10 September 2013

재미있는것 없어요!

さ Hi Everyone!  i feel like nothing special happened this week.....but i have pictures!!!

oh wait....i hit my 6month mark this week!  not sure how i’m supposed to feel about that.... sometimes it feels like its been a lot longer, like when i see how big ben and colter and elllie and liv are getting.....and how white dad’s hair is getting  :)   but that means the next stop is my halfway mark which is just a little ways off and thats just craaaazy!  me and ol’ maffew rudder will get home around the same time and he’s been working A LOT longer than me!

Our 15 year old investigator had a bday this week, so we surprised her with a cake but i dont’ have any pictures!

Oh yeah!! last week for pday, we went to seoul national zoo....but we got there late so we didn’t get to see tooo much of it. and i left my camera at the church, so i’m going to have to go back someday when i can take pictures!  it is a HUGE zoo though!  i could spend hours and hours there!   We DID see giraffes, lions,tigers,rhinos, and bears. ....

1. we went to the temple a week or two ago....it was raining waaaay hard and the wind was super strong!!  didn’t get to see the new temple video, but its always so good to go to the temple!  we’re lucky we still get to go once a transfer even though its outside our mission boundaries!!

2. Aunt Heidi and Uncle Dan and Family sent me a fun package!!  thanks so much, it’s always the best to get mail!!!

3.   our new sanbon elders....elder andersen (from utah)  and elder landry (from texas)

1. tried to take a picture of our area at night from the top of our apt....  the bright spot is Sanbon square...the party area! :) hahah

2.  my six month mark!!!  the bishops wife met us at an american style restaurant and paid for our lunch then left. it was fun!

3. sister lee. she never smiles for pictures..... she looks hawaiian or something though right??

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