03 September 2013

조금만요!! (wait a sec)

안녕하새요 여러분!!!!

Been a great week!  can’t believe its pday again. time is just starting to slip by now!

It’s crazy how fast the seasons are passing!  When i got here in may, we slept on the floor on our pads with a thick blanket, all the windows closed. Slowly into june we started to crack the screen door and then had it wide open by the end of june. July we started to use fans. Blankets completely gone...sprawled out as much as we could. By August we had the fans on high blowing directly on us and we STILL couldn’t fall asleep most nights because it was too hot. And now all the sudden the beginning of september and the fans are still on, but i’m using my blanket half the night. i’m sure by next week or so the fans will go off and then slowly we’ll start to close the screen door again and we travel in fall and winter.

haha sorry for the weird monologue. It just doesn’t seem like its been long enough for this summer to be gone!  But the days have really cooled off a ton this week and the very very first few trees up on Surisan mountain are starting to turn the tiniest bit yellow. Fall is going to be sooo beautiful in sanbon because of all the trees!!!

This week we started our English class in Sanbon! We got 7 people there. Mostly members, but its a start and we should have more this week! Our little Sanbon team is doing really well and I’m seeing changes and progress in the ward that just wasn’t there before!  its exciting!

Elder Ringwood..the 70 for the Asia North came and gave a fireside...us missionaries could go if we took an investigator or less active. We got one of our young women to come with us...we counted her as an ‘investigator’ because president told me that all the youth are ‘investigators in disguise’....they are all looking for their own testimony and so its important to work to strengthen them as well.  I think thats huge actually. Its just as important to strengthen someone who is already a member so that they STAY a member...as it is to go out and find new members!

Sorry there are no pics this week! i left my camera at the church!!! next week!

Sister Lee is really awesome! we’re having a great time together its just a matter or keeping us on track!!  We don’t have any korean food left in the house. I always hated the rice we had in our apt. but sis jeong wouldn’t buy more...now sis Lee won’t eat it so we’re gonna get some good stuff!  and then we’ve gotta restock on kimchi and such. I LOOOVEE korean food. I really do. The longer i’m here the more i want to eat it. all the members and korean missionaries think all the american missionaries just want american food...bread. but i always always always will choose korean food over american!  i want to eat as much as i can while i’m here cus its just so darn good!!


Sorry about no pictures!!  love you all!!!

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