03 February 2014

Happy New Year!

So this week was like the biggest Korean holiday....they celebrate the Lunar New Year.   So everyone goes to their hometowns/relatives and just eat and sleep and hang out for three days. The city looked like the apocalypse...no one on the streets. No cars, no noise. And it was dark and grey....really weird. But kinda a fun atmosphere.

So we barely met any investigators this week because they were all gone.

We had a mission conference on friday. This is Sister Bassett wearing the traditional Korean Hanbok...I don’t own one and i wanted you all to see one!

Me and Sister Hunt and Sister Knox.  Sis Hunt goes home this week!  (Both of these sisters are awesome...they both are super good horsemen and compete in dressage and jumping....)

Since the whole city was empty and our investigators were gone...we spent some time english flyering around the area...this is the view from one of the buildings.

Last pday we were super bored, so we explored a bit of our area... this is a HUGE church that is right in the middle of one of the blocks.

OH YEAH....me and sister Chestnut are together another transfer!!  I really think its because there are good things going on here and the Lord is giving us one more transfer to see some results!

So we had a cool experience on Sunday....

We called a referral we got saturday night and invited her to church (she’s like 70). She showed up the next day (kinda funny and frustrating....we work with investigators for months and they won’t come to church...then we call this lady ONCE and she COMES!!)    anyways, she seemed to have a good experience...and we didn’t know much about her or what here interest was...i think she just likes foreigners and the missionaries were really nice to her. anyways, we sat down and tried to get to know her a bit, and i didn’t understand a most of it (old ppl are way hard to understand)  but at the end i gave her a soft baptismal committment. Asked her that if she came to know our teachings were true would she get baptized....She said yes....but that she should probably attend church 3 or 4 more times first hahaha.   Yep...we thought that was a good idea hahah (because thats the rule anyways....church 3times first)       But we have high hopes for her. We’re just praying that she’s real and not just saying stuff cuz we’re foreign and she likes us.  (That happens a lot here.)

  Our Jeong Ji Yeon (the catholic)   told me she’d like to be mormon, but its a hard thing to do in korea because of social pressures. So we’re praying for her a lot and did a special fast to know how to proceed with her.   The thing is, she likes the church, because it sounds alot better than catholic doctrine... yet she really doesn’t have a real testimony about anything yet.  We just need her to be courageous and ornery enough to find out for herself!

Things are going good...i’m really liking Gangnam! We get to hang out with Leo on the subways all day. :) :)


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