17 February 2014

Korean Valentine's Days (Yes, there are three)

Good week this week!!!

I guess i should explain the valentines day holiday here....They have Valentines Day like us....but they call it ‘Red Day’...February 14th. and mainly its for girls to buy and give chocolate to the boys......then on March 14th they have ‘White Day’ which is the day for boys to give stuff to the girls. Its kinda weird and silly, but the young generation of Koreans are really sentimental and they made all these new holidays... Then they have ‘Black Day ‘ in April—which is for all the single people and they just go out and eat  ja-jang-myeon.....its a really messy black-noodle dish that splatters everywhere...but if you’re single it doesn’t matter! haha

So our Valentines Day included a primary activity....the same lady who is making us teach primary also had us do the main activity and she wanted chocolate involved....so we did some fun chocolate-dipping stuff and it turned out really great!!  Alot of kids brought non-member friends and it was super good to have their parents let them come hang out at the church!

THis is the cutest kid in the entire world.....Its not a great pic because i was taking it from across the room, just zoomed in hahaha...but he’s the best...got to help him make his stuff.... 

Two of the little girls whose grandma is in our ward.... they speak korean, chinese and english...

This us at district meeting.......  Wearing elder Kelson’s drunk glasses... (sorry elder Kelson..they’re really big...)   Elder Kelson on the right and the new Elder Watts on the left....

So the elders are waiting in line to get on the computers....so i’m going to be done now....but conrats to dad on the new calling....hope the family is all better now and over the sickness....good job on the conference title jeff and happy bday chy!!!

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