01 March 2014

Close to the Edge

This week we’ve had a lot of changes coming up...old investigators that we’re dropping and a lot of  new people and referrals that we get to start meeting this week.

The main one....we’re done with 정지연 Jeong Ji Yeon..... We’ve been talking and fasting and praying a lot for progress but it’s just not happening. Then she pretty much told us that she was only reading the BOM to humor us.   Thats pretty much how it goes here though....people like foreigners and want to learn english so they’ll do what we ask them to...... The worst part is that we know she’s ignoring a lot of strong impressions she’s had during teaching. She for sure felt something while we taught plan of salvation and she said her family has noticed a difference in her since we started meeting....but she’s just like everyone else i’ve taught....she’s comfortable the way she is and change is too inconvenient.
       Its really sad because she’s such a great lady and we’re really close—its hard seeing her creep up so close to the edge and then chicken out...

Heres the view out her window though..... i’ll get pictures with her this week

So we did quite a bit of proselyting and English Flyering this week... this is one of the cool views we found. We were at the bottom of our area and this street runs all the way through gangnam, right up to the river.

Here’s the 180 view....hopefully it shows up.   Such a cool, fun, clean city...I never thought i’d enjoy the city, but i really like Gangnam.

Well..it wouldn’t be a letter from me if there weren’t food pictures.....   I had to pay a guy to install our stovetop...(yes...we JUST barely got a stove) ... so we’re super low on money this payperiod..... so we’ve been eating lots of 떡볶이 and  순대 (ddeok bokki and soondae)    The noodle looking stuff if the deokbokki...its a rice cake/noodle in redpeper sauce.....  then the purple/brown stuff —soondae— is pig intestine that they fill with noodles and spices then cut up into little chunks.    This is kinda like Korean fastfood....KINDA......but way healthier than anything we eat in the states.  The always have little street stands and tiny shops that sell this and all the students eat it all the time.

Anways....the work is going good.... talked to more people this week than me and sister chestnut ever have together... Having a good time teaching primary and hanging out in Gangnam....

Oh yeah...we found out that Elder Cook is coming the end of may,  so we get to go to a joint conference with the north mission and listen to him!

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