03 March 2014

My One Year Mark

So not a ton has happened this week....we DID pick up two new  English investigators...but they’re people we’ve known for a bit and we really care about them. One is Rosa from our english class and the other is an older single woman who just really needs help. She’s fluent in english and just wants to study together, but hopefully we’ll be able to help her some....

We dropped our Jeong Ji Yeong this week and it was really sad—she was more sad than us—she just knew that we’d made a difference in her life and she didn’t want that gone.
Then we miraculously ran into her on the street one day and she just seemed so desperate not to lose us again. She wants to take us out to dinner and keep in touch and its really just because she knows we have something and she can’t quite figure it all out and its frustrating to her...

She wouldn’t let us take a picture of her but I got one with the dog hahaha. Look how happy i am to be holding a dog again. ^^

oh wait....we got this sneaky picture of her while she was distracted handing the dog to Sister Chestnut  :) ....

The rest of the week was pretty normal....We had Zone Conference and got to be with President and Sister for the day...that is always nice.

Me and Sister Chestnut were kinda in fun survival mode because our missionary funds were all gone...so we just ate super cheap food all week—it was funny, we were joking about how we were going to have to walk to Zone conference  (which is like 30mins away on the subway)  because we didn’t have enough money to ride the subway... haha.   it was funnier in real life. Heres some of the cheap street food....its like a raft of rice cake.

Oh so...... This week on Thursday  I hit my ONE YEAR MARK!     its really weird to think that i’ve been away that long. Some months it felt like forever but mainly its just blurred by.   I’m so glad for the chance to be here and to learning all that i am.  We say that we come on missions to serve and help others...and we do as much as we can....but I said it when i left and I can say it again now....I’VE been the person to receive the most help and strength and blessings. We do everything we can in our feeble power to do the Lord’s work....our stumbling, pathetic efforts to make a difference...and Heavenly Father watches us fall flat on our faces and then smiles, picks us up and puts us back on our feet, pats us on the head and then gives us back so much for our efforts. We do all we can to help and even if there are no obvious, outward results...there are deep, lasting changes that occur in those whose try to serve the Lord.

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