11 March 2014

봄,봄,봄 (Spring, Spring, Spring)

It’s starting to get really sunny and springish here!!  Its warm enough to sit out in the sun and get warmed all the way through.....this is out in the south of our area where they actually have benches...there are no benches in the main city part of Gangnam because everyone is too busy to sit down!

We’ve picked up quite a few ‘english investigators’ in the last few weeks and so we’ve been doing alot of 30/30 appointments......we teach english 30mins then do a gospel message for 30mins.... Sometimes it’s not so fun teaching so many people that really don’t have any gospel interest, but i do know that they’ll remember how we treat them and know that the Molmon church is not so scary as all their friends tell them.

The best part of the week though is that we DO get to keep teaching Pyew Pyew .....She came back from Myanmar and we’ve been meeting again....She is so smart and has great spiritual strength.... she’s just been raised Buddhist her whole life and really is not going to make any big decisions until she REALLY knows. We don’t know what do for her other than keep teaching, keeping encouraging personal prayer and BOM reading.  We’re trying to get the Book of Mormon in Burmese for her, but it might take awhile.

The lowlight of the week is that we found out we’ve been eating green tea unknowingly. There’s super good street food here called hoddoek thats like a delicious pancake with cinnamon and sugar inside. We’ve been buying it like everyday from one old lady and finally last night i asked her if she made the dough herself....So then she starts listing off all the ingredients and yep......it has green tea. So we’ve been eating alot of green tea but we’ve repented and we’re not going back to that lady anymore....(but darn it her food is sooooo good)  ㅠㅠ

Elder Nash from the Presidency of the 70 came last night to our stake. We brought two non-members with us and got to go to the fireside.  The best  part was getting to see cousin Jamie and her darling family!!!!!!!!!  Last time i saw them was before MaryJane was born, but now they’re all so big and super smart and are the coolest cats in all of Korea!! (haha Hyrum taught me that one!) ^^

They were so good and drove us all the way back to our area in their 15 passenger van!  It was quite the party with all of us in there (and we had a LAmember with us that is kinda a pill ahaha)   driving around in Seoul at night!  (We hardly get to see much of the city....we’re always in the subway, so it was really cool seeing Seoul above ground, at night!)   I

   They also gave us a huge box of great american stuff that you can’t get here—powdered sugar and pumpkin and chocolate chips and all sorts of other stuff....oh yeah.... graham crackers too!!!  (like a true Washburn :) )   Thank you so much Jamie and Danny and Amelia, Hyrum, MaryJane, and Joy!!  ... it was so nice getting to be with them and they were so good to us!  Hopefully i’ll see them again sometime at the stakecenter!~

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