22 March 2014


So the weeks are just flying by...we had a lot of lessons planned this week and a lot fell through. We got transfer calls though on Saturday and Sister Chestnut is leaving! I’m getting Sister Giles who just finished her 12week training. It should be really different but i’m excited for the chance to learn new things from this new transfer!

We had lunch with our Jeong Ji Yeon. She took us out to lunch and bought us some really delicious food. It was good being with her again. Mom—i gave her the apron you sent me. She really liked it. haaha quick funny thing—she was driving us home and there was a traffic jam...and a truck 2 lanes over selling strawberries...so she rolls down the window and yells at him and he comes over and she buys a couple boxes of strawberries right in the middle of the street and traffic and cars! hahah

We had three investigators in church this week and it was hard balancing all of them. This one lady in the bag on her shoulder....she’s english interest, kinda gospel...we tried talking about the gospel during our first meeting and she literally talked SO MUCH that we couldn’t teach anything. So don’t know where this one will go.

This is the other one—the lady in the middle with the yellow scarf. I think she’ll maybe a little crazy and doesn’t really understand what our intentions are with her as missionaries. Everyone else is the members and the elders. The guy in the grey suit with glasses is our ward mission leader.

So this is a picture of a picture that a member gave sister chestnut. I just like it because it looks like its from the 70’s and everyone has great faces.

And we finally got a picture with the old Patriarch from our ward (since sis C is leaving!....is he not straight outa KungFu panda??)

K well, i’m excited for Sister Giles to come—I hear that she’s great and we’ll get some good things done!


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