30 March 2014



Its going to be a short one this week!  We’re going iceskating today!

Oh wait...transfers!....So i’m staying in Gangam and i got a new companion—Sister Giles from Texas. We’ve only been together 5 days, but we’re working so hard and getting a lot done. I’m super glad. She's willing to just wear herself out with me getting things done! We’re talking to like 3 times as many people as before and I know that good things are going to come of it!

So here’s some magic i found. I love korea. They also have another type of oreo here that is ‘desweetened’....yep...thats real, because koreans think regular oreos are too sweet!  its crazy!!

These are some cool pics i took of the area while we were walking around working hard!  ^^

The main drag of Gangnam at sunset... i love this city.

Me and Sister Giles....sorry i don’t have a normal picture of her yet!  

Anyways....things are great!   We’re doing work and having a good time and the trees are starting to blossom so we’ll have cherry blossoms soon!

oh yeah...so a  lady that the Elders found has been coming to church... she’ll get baptized soon. she has some struggles and mostly comes because ppl are nice to her, but she shows up at the church week after week...

I forgot i sent her picture last week...here she is again.  

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