31 March 2014

Life is great!

Hey everyone!

The time is just flying by!!!  I am having a great time and doing so much work with Sister Giles. We work so well together and (not that stats matter) but we’re getting the highest stats of my whole mission and the ZLs said we were leading everyone!!!  It’s been so great!

That being said...we don’t have a ton of new investigators or baptisms, but i feel like we’re seeing so many more miracles and just having so many good experiences with people in the area.

Yesterday after church and teaching HuhJeongHee (our baptismal date) and study, we only had 3hrs of the day left and we needed 50 more convos to reach and goal and we looked at each other and said a prayer then went our and GOT IT!  in 3HRS!!!  it was great!  we saw some awesome things because of how hard we were trying!

we also held a tea party outside for all the grandmas and grandpas that exercise outside with us

We got to eat with Rosa out English investigator...she made us the best food and we got to meet her family!  (she’s the far right) Hopefully we can meet the daughter because she’s really religious and could have lots of potential.   ps mom....i told Rosa she could come visit us in Idaho in the Fall....Shes a really good worker though, grew up on a farm. 

K well...i gotta start an new email because i have a ton of pics to send and it won’t let me!


We ran another successful primary activity— i made a bunch of cookies then the kids decorated them!

Bought a 2 dollar shirt from Japan.    is it awesome or what?  ^^

AND....the cherry blossoms are here!

Spring here is so beautiful...i’m sad i only get one!

Life is great!   HuhJeongHee has a baptismal date for April 19th and everything is going well with that. It would be earlier, but conference is the week before and we can’t do it then.  I’m super blessed and so happy to be here!!

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