11 April 2014

This week was a good one!

This week was a good one!  Not as awesome as the last week, but its because we were so worn out from working too hard!

We’re not teaching a ton but its good because we’re weeding out a lot of the just english interest investigators and though we’re left with no one to teach it gives us more time and motivation to go find real people.   Thats kinda a problem here in Korea since we offer the 30/30 English Program.....a lot of times you just end up teaching a lot of ppl that aren’t going anywhere because you’re too scared to drop everyone and not have anything to do. Its easier to fill you time with a lot of apptmts that are useless....but it takes a lot of faith and determination to let everyone go and go out and start fresh.  So we’ve kinda been doing that—and it is kinda rough sometimes but we know we’re gonna find the people we need this way.

We found Nutella for $1 on sale here!   and its from Greece!!! we couldn’t believe it so we bought a couple jars and made crepes!

In the public bathrooms here they have soap on a stick. its a lot less messy than the liquid kind....

We made spaghetti with the elders.   it had looooots of garlic in it.

There’s not much else going on....HuhJeongHee is still on track for her baptism. So hopefully that will happen on Apr 19th. We taught her Word of Wisdom yesterday and she already knew everything!  said she doesn’t do any of that because its unhealthy.

Anyways, we’re happy and healthy and doing great things this transfer! We’ll get to watch conference next week and we’re going to make pie!

Happy Conference Everyone!

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