19 April 2014

It's good to hear the words of God's prophets.

Conference was so great as usual!!   We got to watch it together as missionaries and thats always so fun!   Me and Sister Giles made crepes to take and i made apple pie and we had a feast! 

i also made pumpkin pie. thanks so cousin Jamie and all the stuff they gave me!  You can't get pumpkin here or evaporated milk!     it was so delicious!!!!     (this is at 7 am.... i had pie for bfast)    

We watched sunday conference at our ward  (instead of the stake center)   so that we could teach our Huh Jeong Hee after church...we got her all set up and she did her interview with the district leader.....but she had an abortion along time ago.... so she'll have to talk to president on wednesday, but after that we should be set to go. We're still aiming for saturday baptism and sunday confirmation. We're praying Pres will let her get baptized because she's jsut such a sweet lady and ready to go. Apparently abortion here is a pretty common thing, at least with the older generation....for a couple different reasons--our investigator said they had two children and not enough to provide for a third---i've also heard its because there was not ultrasound so instead of risking getting a girl they would just abort---- anyways...it will all be settled soon. We're excited!

(our elders at conference)

We also stumbled across a 강아지 cafe... A dog cafe.... you go in and you buy food and whatever and sit and eat with tons and tons of dogs running around. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever!! pretty awesome, but none of them were as cool as bruce!!

this one ran around the whole time with his tongue out!

i heard about the dog cafes before my mission, but i was beginning to think they didn't exist....we just ran across this one and just had to go in and see!

Anyways.... it was a super fun week. Conference was great and its so good to hear the words of gods chosen prophets and apostles!!!!

Seoul at night. Looking north across the river.

everyone in Gangnam is crazy. 

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