27 April 2014

I’m the most happy I’ve been.

So I realized this week that my weekly emails haven’t been that substantial....Just a lot of pictures. I guess its because we really aren’t teaching anyone right now except for Huh Jeong Hee.  That was my biggest worry my whole mission was that i’d lose all investigators and we wouldn’t have anything to do. But we’re not teaching anyone...just finding less-actives and talking to people. But i’m the most happy i’ve been!   I just finally feel like I’m comfortable here—i can communicate— i can’t say things exactly the way i would like to, but i can usually communicate ideas without too much struggle. I know the area really well and the ward, and the subway system and i can navigate Korean culture and it just feels really great to be all settled in now. I knew this would happen all along though... you just start to be okay and then suddenly you wake up one morning and you only have 4months left. I asked president about extending, but he said that the 1st presidency has put a stop to all extensions... just too many people waiting to come out i guess.   But all you can do i make the most of the time that is left!

So Huh Jeong Hee is on track to be baptized this Sunday. We had to delay a little, but we’re not worried about her, she’s all set to go now!

So we saw another famous person this week... Gang Gee Hwan—maybe you can look him up. There was just a HUGE crowd blocking the street down on the biggest street in Gangam and so we took and picture and asked a korean later who he was. He’s pretty big on television i guess.

Part of our area....those are just apartment buildings. Huge right??

Easter was good. The german lady (that had us over for Thanksgiving) invited us and a bunch of other ppl and missionaries over for dinner. It was nice to be in their home for that and have a weird mix of american/korean food and get some easter chocolate. 

Other than that we’re just keeping busy trying to find people to teach, enjoying the beautiful spring weather and having a ball!!

Happy Easter!!

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