01 May 2014


So it was a super looong week because Sister Giles got sick last FRIDAY and was sick ALL WEEK.  So we didn’t do too much.....but..... Sister Burton—the General RS President came....so us missionaries in Seoul South got to go to a special training with her. Her and her husband were Mission Presidents of our mission  back when it was Seoul West!   They were great!

Then Sister Oscarson and Sister Burton and President Ringwood (the area authority) gave a fireside on Sat night that we got to go to....

We barely got home from that and they called us with transfer news.....Me and Sister Giles were super surprised because we’ve only had one together...but I’M MOVING TO Icheon. There are no sisters yet....so i’m opening the are new and i’m TRAINING again!  it will be super fun!   It’s just a little branch out West of Seoul.  Apparently really pretty countryside though with clean air and cows and they are famous for their rice!  So i’m super super excited!  I’ve wanted to be out in the country side since i got here and now my last area will be that!

I have really loved being in Gangnam though. Six months went by really fast and i would have been happy to stay longer, but I think Icheon will be great!

We aslo got to go to the temple, and then went biking on the river after that. It was a beautiful day!

Huh Jeong Hee’s baptism was yesterday. It went really well. She’s pretty attached to the church, so she’ll be fine. It just felt like every other day of my mission where you get up and work hard and do your job and fulfill your purpose. If you do that then every day is successful whether or not its a baptism day or not. I finally realized that sitting in her baptismal service. It just feels like my job. Everyone ALWAYS says how ‘numbers don’t count’ and yesterday that finally moved from my head into my heart. Baptisms are always viewed as the ultimate goal,  the best day of you mission, the real measure of success....but I finally felt for myself what a successful missionary really is—a missionary who invites—whether or not people accept—a missionary who teaches well—whether or not people listen—a missionary that loves—even if those people just go away one day. We’re not just successful during that 30minutes of the baptismal service, or during those few minutes when you report the number to your leaders—we successful everyday that we get up and do our job.

I’m excited to go to Icheon...it will be my last area and probably the best because i’m the most capable now. It been and great 14months and I can’t wait for the last 4.


1. our district at the temple

2. me and sister giles on the subway

3. our bike ride....action shot!

4. my bike

1. Elder Renfroe from my mtc district   is from Sister Giles hometown...they’re friends too...

2.The Lineup

3.Us at the temple

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