05 May 2014

Icheon: The Idaho of Korea

So i’m emailing from Icheon! (Back in a PCbang again because we don’t have a real church building here....)

Everyone in Gangnam told me that i was going to ‘The Idaho of Korea’.... they don’t have famous potatoes here, but they are famous for their rice. It’s supposed to be the most delicious in Korea.
It tastes pretty good to me so far... and it’s a lot more jungly than my part of Idaho.

Icheon area is HUGE, but there’s only 2-3 tiny little towns in the whole area. Each like an hour trip in between—so i think its pretty tough to find some member and less active houses unless you’ve been there before....so that will be a challenge, but we’ll get to wander around a lot out in the fields and stuff trying to find people hopefully.

Icheon branch is great. There’s maybe 40-50 members that come every week and they’re all super kind and excited to have us here!

Our elders have been super helpful as well—telling us who to visit and giving us people to teach. they also left an ice-cream cake in our freezer for us. it has pop-rock ice-cream in it. (picture 1)

We already have a lady that is getting baptized sunday, we just have to finish the last 2 lessons with her this week. We weren’t involved with her long-term conversion, but it will be fun to be the closers!

We got several referrals from the ward of ppl they seem to just have just been saving for us to come, so it’s been a super exciting week.

I do miss Gangnam. You can walk across this whole town in like 30 minutes....i’ve been here like 5 days and i’ve already got the whole place figured out—there’s nothing here!!!....so it makes me a little homesick for Gangnam, but the members really need us here—they’ve been waiting!!

oh yeah....and i DO have a companion. Her name is Sister Gooch...she’s from St George Utah and is just the best! Her mom is Cambodian...and so ppl always ask us where we’re from....we say from the US and they get this weird look and kind of squint at her and say....wait...  BOTH of you??    hahah then we have to explain. Every time.

but we’re healthy and happy and pretty much settled in (other than a water filter). It should be a great area!

Picture 1: Pop-rock ice-cream

picture 2----pretty much all of Icheon

pic 3—sometimes we ride donkeys out here because we don’t have bikes or cars or subways.

1. if we can’t find donkeys we ride horses.^^    This little guys name is Sinbad. The first real horse i’ve seen in Korea....and he only counts as a quarter.

2. this is me and Sister Gooch out at a member’s mountain palace.... They live in a REAL HOUSE  way up in the saddle of two mountains. It was awesome!!

3. The  view from their house!   they live about 30 min outside Icheon. its kinda like driving from boise out to like emmett or something.

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