13 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!

Well it was super great to talk to the family today!   That was only like 3hrs ago, so its weird to be emailing as well!!  

Congrats to JEFFERSON ON HIS MISSION CALL TO ECUADOR!!!!!   Although i’m still mad about the timing....we miss each other by 1 month!!!!  so that means 31/2 years that we won’t see each other....and who knows if they have SKYPE down there in the jungle!!  Anyways...its super exciting, I guess i’m going to have to learn spanish though because every single cousin speaks it. There’s still hope though that Jackson will come to Korea!  ^^

This week was surprisingly busy, especially since it was only our second week in the area. The members and elders have given us quite a few people to teach though so it’s been great!  The branch had a big baptism yesterday. One husband whose wife is a member and he’s been investigating for like 10yrs...then two other ladies that were brought in by their friends...(picture1). it was a really big event for this tiny little branch and they were all so excited about it.  We have to drive an hour to get to the stake center and its been really fun getting these car rides and getting to see Korea from ABOVE GROUND.

We also went on a cool hike last pday and got to see the whole area from on top of the bordering mountain. (picture2)

the third picture is from a ladies house that is out away from the town. Its ‘country’ here, but everyone just lives in the cramped little city just like the rest of Korea....but the really wealthy ones can afford to buy their own land and build a REAL HOUSE. so this is her land. ....i had never seen a real, one-family HOUSE until i got to Gangnam....but those were SUPER fancy, gated ones....and now i’ve seen a few more out here!

We also will be teaching three english classes here....one on fridays to a bunch of ladies, one on wednesday for everyone and then one on tuesdays in a neighboring city. But its been really good to be busy with all that because there just aren’t that many people to talk to in this town!  The branch is really great, but i miss Gangnam area!!!  hahah  never thought i’d miss the city!

This week we’ll start teaching two other teenagers that were referred by the ward. And then Sunday this guy that was Less Active in our ward for like 15yrs  showed up at church with his wife. She told this long story in Relief society about how she has been looking for the truth and what was wrong with all the other churches....so we get to start teaching her on Friday and i’m super excited!  She seems golden!!  haha the ward wants us to repeat the triple-baptism they just had with the two teenagers and then this lady. hahah so thats my new goal for the next couple months! we’ll see how it all goes!!!

oh and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to the best Mom in the world!!! Can’t imagine how you managed to raise 8 rowdy hooligans like us!

It was so great to talk with everyone!  We are healthy and happy and all is well!!

와시번  자매

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