23 May 2014

Reverse Trunkiness

So last week i was the one making the important call home for Mother’s Day. Today while i sat here emailing, i got THE CALL.....from the office. Dear sister Groesbeck called and asked where my final airport destination would be, told me the date of my last day in korea, who i was leaving with, and all that sad stuff that i didn’t want to hear yet.  It’s weird, but i suppose it’s really real now.  And i guess i should mention it, because i know mom and dad are worried about me not working hard here at the end...

I believe in “Reverse Trunkiness.” The most trunky day of my mission was the day after i got here. My first real day in the field was the longest and hardest and homesickest and all that. I certainly couldn’t wait to go home then....but the longer i’m here, the more i want to stay. The trunkiness doesn’t increase the longer i’m here...it decreases....   So there won’t be any of that end of mission-not doing my job-nonsense for me!

Anyways...enough of that... This week was a good one. We had temple pday and it was SOO GOOD  to be back in Seoul.   Its good to experience countryside, but i’m not gonna lie....i miss Seoul.  I miss the subways and the people and the tall buildings and clean streets and the sights.....So it was good to be back up there for a day.   For those of you who don’t know how to use googlemaps....Icheon is a tiny town southeast of Seoul. We have to take a $5, one hour bus-ride just to get into Seoul.

We got to Seoul really early and so we went down and hung out by the river for a while before heading to the temple. it was a really awesome morning...just sitting in Seoul, on the banks of the Han River, enjoying the cool morning and taking down and sketch of the skyline.  (picture one)

It was so pleasant, in fact, that i was lost in my thoughts and the atmosphere until i felt something brushing my leg and looked down to discover my backpack bobbing in the water next to me.   Who knew that rivers had tides?   The rivers in Idaho are NORMAL.   But i had put my bag on a big flat DRY rock and within half an hour...the water had come up and covered the whole thing soaking my bag, all my notebooks, my planner, the missionary phone and my camera. Someone then informed me that the Han River is affected by the tides of the ocean because it flows into ocean on both sides....  Thanks  for telling me that earlier. But its all fine i guess....i’m just going back to my old, bad camera so hopefully it all still works. I did save the sketch i was working on though...thats the ONLY THING the river didn’t get!!

After temple, we went to the zoo. Then this week we’ve just been trying to keep busy with LA lessons and investigator lessons.  We are teaching a new lady named Choi So Weon. Her husband has been a member forever, but inactive. He finally showed up to church last week and brought her for the first time and now we’re teaching her! She’s super anxious to learn everything and will probably be baptized within a few weeks! So cool!!  haha we showed up at her house for the first lesson and she was sitting there reading from the Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith... the sunday school book.. it’s all she had!

so everything is going good!   Its kinda hard to stay busy here in Icheon because there aren’t that many people...but there’s exciting stuff happening! We are happy and well!

picture2—my area
picture3----Seoul.   haha so different huh?!

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