01 June 2014

The Weekend Up in Songpa at the Mission Home

Hi everyone...this one is going to be a quick one!

We didn’t do a lot this week, but a ton happened just the same.... We spent the weekend up in Songpa at the mission home. I got to go on exchanges with Sister Chestnut and we had a really good time together!  Just like the good old days back in Gangnam : )

Then we had zone conference on Friday and went on this huge hike for it with training in between. It was super fun and a pretty good little hike.  Me and sister Gooch spent the night in the mission home because we had a training meeting the next day at headquarters for new missionaries and trainers. So it was a fun week, but not much happened in Icheon.

We are teaching a golden investigator though. I’ve heard of them before, but never had one. She’s the real deal!  She’s the wife of a member... her name is Choi So Weon—about 60 yrs old. And just wants to learn everything!

k well more on her next week!!

picture1:   we went to  a meat buffet. i haven’t been to one in like 7months!!!

picture2:  a poster with Cha Seung Weon.  the actor that i saw like 10 steps from my house in gangnam. he’s the one in the white shirt

picture3: we hiked to this fortress from the 1600s

1:  i made sister chestnut a crown

2. the hights point on the mountain....

3.hahha marriage in korea.....  hahahahaha

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