02 June 2014

Elder Cook came to our mission!

So this week was a little slow. All the people we were teaching have been too busy to meet us. We’re trying to stay busy in our tiny town of Icheon, but sometimes it feels like there are just not enough people here!!

I guess the highlight was that Elder Cook from the 12 came and we had a joint mission conference with the Seoul and SeoulSouth Missions. It was really good to hear his stories about the mission. He and Elder Holland were mission companions! haha i had no idea!

So our ‘golden’ investigator Choi So Weon  got a new job and hasn’t been able to come to church the last few weeks. She’s also been really sick so we didn’t meet her all week. She said satan is making her sick so she can’t meet with us ahah. i think its true. We’ll meet her this week hopefully and our other people too.

Two of our english investigators took us to a really good traditional korea place out in the country and then drove us to this cool catholic cathedral up in the hills. She wanted to show us the church she went to and then we went to the little adjoining cafe and had drinks. haha it was interesting us two missionaries hanging out in a Catholic coffee shop....got some weird looks.

Sorry theres not much to tell this week. It just got really hot here and we had to start using the fan this week! Mostly its just really, really humid right now....


1.  our district on the hike we did last week....

2.  the scene where i dropped my bag in the river....this view is what i was so distracted by ^^

3. We ate Baskin Robbins with a recent convert and the elders.  This was a half gallon of ice cream.... SOOOO BIG!!!!!

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