15 June 2014


Hi, everyone.

This week was slow again. We got to meet our golden lady Choi So Weon on Tuesday. She is doing really well, but Satan is working hard against her. Two weeks ago, she was really sick....said her body was all week and shaky and her eyes were just running water for hours....of course when she was trying to read the Book of Mormon and other material we’d given her. She said nothing like that had ever happened before. Then after 2yrs of being married, her and her husband JUST NOW decide to try buying into this little restaurant. So now she works like 12hrs a day for 6 days a week and her break is on Tuesdays...not Sundays... So she can’t come to church until july maybe. We’re working on her though. She’s so willing with everything we teach her and wants to take a baptismal date, but we can’t settle on because of her new work schedule.

Everything else has been the same....We tried hunting down some less actives this week. haha funny story—so we had to take a bus way out into the middle of nowhere for one of the visits and we got off on this tiny country road—i felt like ‘o brother where art thou’ or something trekking around out there....  so we make the visit and then head back to the bus stop which is just a covered bench on the side of the road. it has a digital screen that lists when the buses will be arriving...and we get there and there are no buses on the screen. we thought they came every half hour, but we wait 10 or so minutes and there's no sign of anything. we don’t know where we’re at or how to walk back, so i take off my shoes and lay down on my backpack, close my eyes and as soon as i get comfy sis gooch yells ‘bus!’  and jumps up to stop it out in the road...hahaha so i’m panicking that its going to leave us and just jump up and scoop up my bag and BOM and shoes all in a mess and run barefoot out to the bus..haha the driver and all the passengers though i was crazy scrambling through my stuff trying to get my bus card with no shoes and  everything a mess.. haha it was a fun ride.

Not a ton else going on. We had two sets of elders here last transfer and now they’re reducing us to just 3 elders. they will be a tri-panionship.

K sorry my letters from Icheon are kinda lame!  We’ll get to do something exciting someday!  

Sister Washburn

1. the first pic is korean countryside when we were making the LA visit....

2. a dead guy we passed in the road?  maybe just drunk.

3. my dog friend. we pass him everyday and he jumps over the wall to say hi.  hahah we’ve seen him jump over at a couple different people and scare the pants off of them. haha

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